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Google to Shut Down Stadia in January 2023

  • Google will shut down its in-house Stadia game development studios
  • The reason for the closure is that it is not becoming as popular as Google had expected
  • The company will be using Stadia’s technology in other parts of the company such as YouTube, Google Play, and its AR efforts

Why is Google Closing Cloud Gaming Service?

Google is shutting down Stadia, its cloud gaming service, in January 2023. The announcement comes less than three years after the cloud-gaming console was launched. The reason for the closure is that users are not accepting Stadia as quickly as Google had anticipated. The company said that members of the Stadia team will be absorbed in other parts of the company. Fortunately, Stadia’s technology will not go waste because the company sees possibilities for its use it in other platforms and applications.

Google is making efforts to set things right by offering refund on all Stadia hardware that was purchased through the Google Store, even though the announcement could have a negative effect on Stadia users. By the middle of January 2023, the company intends to process the majority of the reimbursements. Google said that it will use the technology that powers Stadia in other parts of the company such as YouTube, Google Play, and its Augmented Reality (AR) efforts.

Market Value of the AR Industry

The boom in augmented reality industry is expected to continue. The industry encompasses dozens of job disciplines and thousands of jobs globally. According to GlobalData, the value of the AR market globally indicates an increase in 2022, recording $11.45 billion from $3.61 billion in 2018. The expansion is expected to make the global AR industry worth $15.93 billion by 2023 and $51.10 billion by 2026.

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