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Educational technology (Edtech) is the combined use of computer hardware, software, and educational theory and practice to facilitate learning. Online platforms, mobile applications and new learning formats have massively improved access to education, as well as enhancing the learning process itself, while online and Cloud technologies bring with them exciting standardization possibilities for content.

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Edtech – Thematic Research

Edtech fueled by the impact of COVID-19 has grown into a global industry with economic and political implications. In 2020, Edtech market revenue was worth $149.2 billion. The global Edtech revenues are expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 10% during 2019-2030. The growth in Edtech provides a cogent argument that its place in learning is not a short-term fad but a fundamental, long-term development.

Tech Unicorns – Top 10 Themes in 2021 – Thematic Research

Half of today’s tech unicorns are operating in the e-commerce, cloud, fintech themes, AI, Healthtech, Edtech, Bigdata, Cybersecurity, Digital Media and Blockchain.

Future Unicorns in Sustainable Technology

We analyzes the 30 Sustainable Technology Startups from the "GlobalData Startup Scorecard" that has the potential to become unicorns (valuation more than $1bn) based on the GlobalData’s Unicorn Prediction Model.

Sustainability and Ethics TrendSights Analysis 2021 – Mounting Concern and Engagement around Social and Environmental Challenges Globally

Sustainability and Ethics is one of the eight mega-trends of our TrendSights series of consumer insight studies. It reflects mounting awareness and concern surrounding the scale, complexity, and interdependence of shared social and environmental challenges globally.

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