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Hydrogen is a clean fuel that does not emit CO2 on combustion and also offers greater energy security. Today, hydrogen is largely used of as a feedstock for industrial processing, in the production of ammonia for fertilizers (around 50%), in refining (35%), and in food, electronics, glass and metal industries. Now, with global leaders in the energy industry in search of solutions that help achieve decarbonization or enhance energy security, the use of hydrogen as an energy vector is gathering momentum.

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Hydrogen Economy – Key Disruptive Forces for Global Transition to Sustainable Energy

With intensified discussions around net-zero by 2050, hydrogen jumps to the top of the global agenda. The growing pressure on countries and companies for zero carbon emissions and the declining hydrogen production costs are the key factors driving investments into renewable hydrogen, fuel cells, hydrogen carriers, and advanced storage materials.

Hydrogen in Mining- Thematic Research

Hydrogen remains one of the most abundantly available and commonly known elements in the world, and it will become a game-changer with its noteworthy contribution to clean energy transitions. Sectors such as oil refining and ammonia, methanol, and steel production have been using hydrogen extensively.

Hydrogen in Oil and Gas – Thematic Research

The oil and gas industry is the largest consumer of hydrogen, deploying it in refining and petrochemical processes. The industry can leverage this edge into becoming the prominent supplier of hydrogen fuel as envisaged in the hydrogen economy.

Hydrogen in Power – Thematic Research

Formulating a cost-effective and well-regulated transition is a complex issue, and the cost of producing hydrogen from renewable energy sources is currently expensive. However, the momentum that has been built along the entire value chain is accelerating the cost reduction in hydrogen production, transmission, distribution, retail, and end-applications.

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