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ESG will be the most important theme discussed in corporate boardrooms worldwide this decade. While previous decades have witnessed environmental movements, the current wave of sustainability consciousness is unprecedented. Each new climate-related emergency, human rights violation, or corruption scandal reinforces the public opinion that companies must take meaningful steps to address environmental, social, and governance issues.

ESG has and will continue to govern how business is conducted globally. We are well positioned to support companies across industries in understanding how ESG trends will affect them, and how best to respond through our suite of custom solutions.

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Environmental performance measures company's contribution to climate change, pollution, biodiversity, and depletion of natural resources.


Social performance assesses a company’s engagement with its workers, customers, suppliers, and the local community.


Governance assesses a company’s internal controls used to make informed decisions, comply with law, and meet the needs of all stakeholders.

We view ESG through multiple lenses and our solutions are tailored to provide you with actionable insights

Accelerate the Net-Zero Journey

GlobalData understands the importance of achieving net-zero emissions target. We assist businesses in assessing their present emission levels and develop a customized emission reduction strategy.

Exploring Hydrogen’s Potential in the Race to Net-zero

Hydrogen is one of the most talked-about changes in the energy mix in the years ahead. Our project database for blue, green, purple and turquoise hydrogen helps build capacity for 2030 and understand the hydrogen market from a global, regional or local perspective.

Gain Control of the Circular Economy

GlobalData can help clients understand the complexities of the retail supply chain, quantify potential recycling opportunities and benchmark performance at multiple levels.

Evaluate Corporate Strategy

GlobalData is well positioned to help companies benchmark themselves against their competitors over a wide range of ESG metrics. Evaluate new entry into renewable market and harness our repository of reports and expert insights to identify trends influencing each sector.

Decarbonization Strategies

GlobalData’s granular databases of power-mix forecasts and detailed asset-level data in low-carbon hydrogen, off-grid renewables and energy storage can form the basis for actionable carbon reduction strategies.

Our insights and solutions are fueled by our unmatched databases and expert insights

Our proprietary datasets across sectors and geographies include both traditional and non-traditional datasets covering a range of companies parameters such as ownership details, capacity and production

Oil & Gas +30k Oil & Gas Fields +4m US L48 Wells +8k Pipelines +6k Storage Facilities +3k Gas Processing Plants +1k LNG Plants +1k Refineries +12k Petrochemicals Plants
Construction +175k new projects covering 240 segments LEED/BREEAM certification tracking
Consumer +105K Brand share data +125K SKU tracking of innovative product launches
Mining +32k mines and projects across 150+ commodities +3k Coal Mines
Pharma +800 rare disease epidemiology forecasts +350k clinical trials database with gender and ethnicity details
Power +162k Power Plants by technology +41K T&D project
Packaging +21 closure +79 pack types
Jobs Analytics +2.5M
Green Bonds and Loans +4K
ESG Social Media discussions +1.2M
Company Intelligence +700K
ESG filings +30K
ESG Patents +9M
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