Deal-making activity in travel and tourism sector down by 28.1% during April 2022, finds GlobalData

A total of 64 deals (comprising mergers & acquisitions, private equity, and venture financing) were announced in the global travel and tourism (T&T) sector during April, which is a decline of 28.1% over the 89 deals announced in March 2022, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Aurojyoti Bose, Lead Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “All the regions had witnessed drop in T&T sector’s deals activity with decrease in deals volume in many of the key global markets. Most of the deal types also suffered setbacks. Increasing fuel costs and COVID-19’s new variant scare are among the key reasons for the decline.”

The announcements of mergers and acquisition and private equity deals decreased by 42.6% and 9.1%, respectively, while the number of venture financing deals increased by 11.8% during April compared to the previous month.

Many of the key global markets witnessed downturn in deal activities in travel and tourism sector in April 2022. Markets including the US, the UK, India, and Germany witnessed 29%, 12.5%, 33.3% and 75%, respectively, decrease in deal volume in April compared to previous month. However, markets like Japan, Spain, France and Sweden witnessed improvement in deal activity.

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