Australia Wealth Management – Market Sizing and Opportunities to 2026

Pages: 38 Published: July 05, 2022 Report Code: GDFS0612CI

The Australia wealth management market research report analyzes the Australian wealth and retail savings and investments markets, including the overall affluent market size. The report also provides an analysis of the factors driving liquid asset growth, including a breakdown, and forecast of total retail savings and investments split by equities, mutual funds, deposits, and bonds.

Australia Wealth Management Market Dynamics

In 2021, mass affluent investors allocated a noteworthy share of their assets to savings accounts. However, they also hold a higher proportion of their wealth in equities and mutual funds. This shows that mass affluent investors have a higher risk tolerance than mass market and emerging affluent investors. They are more inclined to expose their portfolio to stock market fluctuations in anticipation of higher returns. Emerging affluent investors have the highest share of their wealth held in savings accounts. A notable proportion is also allocated to equities, albeit less than mass affluent investors.

Australia’s HNW investors allocate a sizable portion of their wealth to growth assets such as equities in their quest for higher yields. Property is also key for Australian HNW investors. An increase in the Australian house price index in 2021 supported heightened investor preference. The surge in property prices can mainly be attributed to increased affordability led by a decline in mortgage rates. Supply shortfalls is another major factor that explains why house prices are rising in Australia. However, investment in real estate is expected to slow down in the upcoming year with growing affordability constraints, tightening of macroprudential policies, and reduced incentives. In the property space, investors favor direct commercial property investments and property funds.

Key Highlights in the Australia Wealth Management Market

  • HNW individuals constituted only a small percentage of the total Australian adult population in 2021.
  • Deposits remain the most popular investment avenue for Australians, indicating their preference for safe-haven asset classes.
  • Bonds continued to account for a marginal proportion of retail investment portfolios in 2021.

Key Australia Wealth Management Market Asset Bands

The key asset bands in the Australia wealth management market are mass market, emerging affluent, mass affluent, and HNW.

Key Australia Wealth Management Market HNW Asset Allocation Classes

The key HNW asset allocation classes in the Australia wealth management market are deposits, equities, bonds, property, alternatives, and commodities. Bonds play a key role in Australian HNW investors’ portfolios, mainly because of the stable returns they offer and a perception of safety. Direct corporate high-yield bonds and direct corporate investment-grade bonds are the major asset classes in the segment. Investment in physical gold is key in the commodities space.

Australia wealth management market, by asset allocation classes

Australia wealth management market, by asset allocation classes

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Australia Wealth Management Market Overview

Key asset bands Mass Market, Emerging Affluent, Mass Affluent, and HNW
Key asset allocation classes Deposits, Equities, Bonds, Property, Alternatives, and Commodities

Reasons to Buy

  • Make strategic decisions using top-level historic and forecast data on Australia’s wealth industry.
  • Identify the most promising client segments by analyzing the penetration of affluent individuals.
  • Receive detailed insights into retail liquid asset holdings in Australia.
  • Understand the changing market and competitive dynamics by learning about new competitors and recent deals in the wealth space.
  • See an overview of key digital disruptors in the country’s wealth market.

Key Players


BHP Group


Reserve Bank of Australia

Six Park



WAM Capital

Westoz Investment Company


First Financial

Westlawn Finance


VGI Partners

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The Australian Wealth Market

Investor Insight

Resident Savings and Investments

Digital Disruptors

Recent Deals


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