Contract Small Molecule API Manufacturing Industry by the Numbers – 2021 Edition

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According to the Global Data’s Drugs database, it indicates that maximum of the marketed drugs is found to be small molecules, despite many of the prominent contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) investing in advanced therapy medicinal product (ATMP) capabilities in recent years and an increasing use of biologic APIs in both the pipeline and among marketed drugs. With the increase in high potency small molecule APIs, has been driven by the rise of oncology pipeline drugs coupled with small or virtual pharma companies being unable to acquire or access containment capabilities in-house, means that the demand for innovative specialized small molecule capabilities will remain high.

This report analyzes 2,787 small molecule API contract manufacturing facilities. Of those, 935 (34%) small molecule API facilities offer containment capabilities, while 256 facilities (9%) offer controlled substance capabilities.

In terms of geographic distribution of small molecule API manufacturing facilities, China has the largest number, followed by India and then the US. China and India’s greater volume of small molecule facilities is to be expected, as most API in US-marketed drugs come from China and India.

What are the market dynamics in the contract small molecule API manufacturing industry?

The main trends that have affected small molecule CMOs in recent years are shown below. These trends are classified into three categories: increased CMO appetite for specialist capabilities, geographic distribution, and small molecule API’s value to drug production.

There has been a major decline in the number of small molecule API facilities. One-third of small molecule API facilities that offer containment capabilities, and less than one-tenth offer-controlled substance capabilities. Containment and controlled substance capabilities are specialty offerings provide barriers between the active substance and its surroundings or manufacturing staff. CMOs can charge more for containment and controlled substance services because they are rare and in demand.

China has the smallest molecule API manufacturing facilities, followed by India, and the US. The API production costs in these countries can be 30% cheaper than in more developed markets, driving CMOs to acquire or construct facilities in these countries.

Despite industry excitement and investment in large molecule drugs, there is still significant demand for small molecule API manufacture. With the increase in high potency small molecule APIs, and the rise of oncology pipeline drugs coupled with small or virtual pharma companies unable to acquire or access this capability in-house, means that demand for innovative specialized capabilities will remain high.

What is the geographic distribution of public small molecule API dedicated contract CMOs?

In terms of geographic distribution of small molecule API manufacturing facilities, China has the largest number, followed by India and then the US. China and India’s greater volume of small molecule facilities is to be expected, as most API in US-marketed drugs come from China and India. API production costs in these countries can be 30% cheaper than in more developed markets, driving CMOs to acquire or construct facilities in these countries.

Geographic distribution of public small molecule APIs

In terms of geographic distribution of small molecule API manufacturing facilities, China has the largest number, followed by India and then the US. China and India’s greater volume of small molecule facilities is to be expected, as most API in US-marketed drugs come from China and India. API production costs in these countries can be 30% cheaper than in more developed markets, driving CMOs to acquire or construct facilities in these countries. Geographic distribution of public small molecule APIs

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Who are the major market players in the contract small molecule API manufacturing industry?

The largest CMOs (both Excess Capacity and Dedicated) often have the highest number of small molecule API facilities. Excess Capacity companies such as Teva and Merck own the largest number of small molecule API contract manufacturing facilities. The Excess Capacity CMOs shown are some of the largest pharmaceutical companies globally, often with the biggest marketed drug portfolios. However, Dedicated Contract CMOs have the most controlled substance facilities. Six of the top seven controlled substance CMOs have a Dedicated Contract model. The list of controlled substance CMOs includes some of the top API CMOs in the industry: BASF, Cambrex, Curia, Johnson Matthey, and Siegfried Holding.

Top CMOs by small molecule API manufacturing facilities, by key players

Top CMOs by small molecule API manufacturing facilities, by key players

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Market report scope

 Top CMOs by Small Molecule API Manufacturing Facilities Teva, Merck, Curia Inc., Sun Pharmaceuticals, Sanofi, Viatris Inc. Pfizer Inc.


  • This 53-page report gives important, expert insight you won’t find in any other source. 31 tables and figures throughout the report illustrate major points and trends. This report is required reading for:
  • CMO executives who must have deep understanding of the small molecule API marketplace to make strategic planning and investment decisions.
  • Sourcing and procurement executives who must understand crucial components of the supply base in order to make decisions about supplier selection and management.
  • Private equity investors that need a deeper understanding of the market to identify and value potential investment targets.

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  • Overview of contract small molecule API facilities and the proportion of containment and controlled substance specialist capabilities
  • Detailed view of the geographic distribution of small molecule API facilities
  • Establishing which CMOs are most involved in contract small molecule API industry by facility count
  • Analysis of M&A activity related to small molecule API facilities

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Table of Contents

About GlobalData

1 Executive Summary

2 Players

3 Trends

4 Industry Analysis

4.1 Industry Size and Structure

4.2 Industry Demographics

4.3 Top CMOs by Small Molecule API Facilities

4.4 Characteristics of the Largest CMOs

5 M&A Activity Involving Small Molecule Contract Manufacturing Facilities

6 The Outlook for the API CMO Industry

7 Value Chain

8 Companies

9 Appendix

9.1 Methodology

9.2 Bibliography

9.3 Primary Research – Key Opinion Leaders

9.4 Further Reading

10 About the Authors

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Table 1: Small Molecule API CMO Trends, 2021

Table 2: Revenue Composition and Specialized Capabilities of Leading CMOs, 2020

Table 3: Percentage of Companies by Revenue Tier with Specialized Capabilities (Dedicated Contract Public CMOs Only)

Table 4: CMO Small Molecule API Manufacturing Facility-Only Acquisitions, 2018–2020

Table 5: CMO Small Molecule API Manufacturing Facilities Acquired by Company M&A and Divestment, 2018–2020

Table 6: CMOs With Small Molecule API Manufacturing Facilities Acquired by PE, 2018–2020

Table 7: Geographical Reach of Public Companies in the API CMO Universe, 2021

Table 8: Further Reading


Figure 1: Leading API CMOs, 2021

Figure 2: Top Contract Small Molecule API Trends in the CMO Industry, 2021

Figure 3: Geographic Reach of the Small Molecule API CMO Universe, 2021 (Public CMOs Only)

Figure 4: Public CMOs with Small Molecule Manufacturing Capability by Annual Contract Revenue, 2020

Figure 5: Geographic Distribution by Headquarters of Public Small Molecule API Dedicated Contract CMOs

Figure 6: Top CMOs by Small Molecule API Manufacturing Facilities

Figure 7: Top CMOs by Small Molecule API Manufacturing Facilities, Change Between 2019 and 2021

Figure 8: Top CMOs by Small Molecule API Facilities with Controlled Substance Capabilities

Figure 9: Top CMOs by Small Molecule API Facilities with Containment Capabilities

Figure 10: Top CMOs by Small Molecule API Manufacturing Facilities with Containment Capabilities, Change Between 2019 and 2021

Figure 11: Geographical Distribution of All CMO Small Molecule API Manufacturing Facilities

Figure 12: Geographical Distribution of Controlled Substance Small Molecule Manufacturing Facilities

Figure 13: Geographical Distribution of Small Molecule Manufacturing Facilities with Containment

Figure 14: NMEs Requiring Special Handling, 2011–2020

Figure 15: Geographical Distribution of China’s Small Molecule API CDMO Facilities

Figure 16: Distribution of Chinese Small Molecule Contract Manufacturing Facilities with Containment Capabilities

Figure 17: Distribution of Chinese Small Molecule Contract Manufacturing Facilities with Controlled Substance Capabilities Across Top Three Locations, 2021

Figure 18: Public CMOs with Small Molecule Manufacturing Capability by Accumulated Revenue, 2020

Figure 19: Small Molecule API Containment Facility Acquisitions by Acquiring CMO, 2018–2020

Figure 20: Small Molecule API Controlled Substance Facility Acquisitions by Acquiring CMO, 2018–2020

Figure 21: Small Molecule API Containment Facility Acquisitions by Location, 2018–2020

Figure 22: Small Molecule API Controlled Substance Facility Acquisitions by Location, 2018–2020

Figure 23: The Contract Manufacturing Value Chain

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