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Cryptocurrency Sector Sport Sponsorship 2022 Landscape – Analysing Top Sponsor Brands and Sponsorship Sector

This multi million dollar sponsorship industry covers all corners of the sports industry. The presence of cryptocurrency sponsorship is most easily felt in the soccer market, with 79 European soccer agreements being signed in 2021, with a 46% of the clubs in Europe’s top five leagues in England, France, Spain, Italy and Germany selling their sponsorship rights to this emerging sector. This analysis of the state of the crypto sponsorship market also considers the potential hurdles the industry may have to overcome if it is to continue the growth rate it has seen in the past two years, with fan activism and ESG led governance proving to be a stumbling block in a few significant cases.


The report covers the biggest deals within the cryptocurrency sector, whilst also considering the most active brands and biggest spenders, analyzing the flow of investment from cryptocurrency markets into the sports industry. The report considers which sport properties are the main beneficiaries of crypto sponsorship, along with the current state of this sponsorship sector, and how it might further develop in the future.

Key Highlights

Highlights include the latest industry leading sponsorship data for cryptocurrency sponsorship, as well as a deep dive case study into the relationship between cryptocurrency brands and Europe’s major soccer clubs and competitions. A breakdown of the sector’s biggest deals, and most valued markets is also provided.

Reasons to Buy

Readers will gain an industry leading analysis of the cryptocurrency sponsorship landscape, covering the all active deals within the sector across global sport markets. Readers will gain a deep understanding of the role cryptocurrency currently plays in the sports industry, and how this role may change over time given the growing influence of fan activism and concerns around ethical ESG principles.

Key Players

Crypto.com, Socios.com, FTX, Digitalbits, Floki, Coinjar, NFL, NBA, Serie A, English Premier League, Inter Milan, LA Lakers

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Sector Analysis

3. Case Study: Cryptocurrency & Soccer

4. Brand Analysis

5. Appendix


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