Ryanair Holdings Plc – Digital Transformation Strategies

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The annual ICT spend of Ryanair Holdings Plc was estimated at $71.8 million in 2021. A major share of this spending is earmarked for acquiring ICT services, consulting and network and communications from vendors. Ryanair Holdings Plc (Ryanair) is a low-cost scheduled passenger airline company. It offers short-haul, point-to-point routes in Europe. Ryanair also offers various ancillary services and other services such as core air passenger service which includes non-flight scheduled services, internet-related services, and the in-flight sale of beverages, food, and merchandise. The company markets accommodation services, holidays, car hire, and travel insurance services. It also sells rail and bus tickets.

The Ryanair Holdings Plc digital transformation strategies report will act as a reference point to understand the company/competitor’s digital strategy. It will also help in understanding the digital preparedness of the company against its peers. Information included in these reports are sourced from a mix of our very own internal database and authentic secondary research links such as company’s annual report, presentations, press releases etc. The report covers overview of the company, its digital transformation strategies, technology focus areas, technology initiatives, technology introductions, investments, acquisitions, ICT spending among others.

Digital Transformation Strategy

In 2018, Ryanair decided to move its IT infrastructure to AWS public cloud to rebuild and transform legacy systems using AWS database, analytics, machine learning and deep learning technologies. The cloud migration enabled Ryanair to develop and deliver services for transforming customers travel experience. The strategy also helped Ryanair rebuild its core applications, convert data into actionable insights and create intelligent applications. Ryanair runs multiple core production workloads in the AWS cloud including corporate website and hotel comparison site, Ryanair Rooms. Besides, it is also leveraging various AWS machine learning (ML) services such as Amazon SageMaker and Amazon Lex to offer customers with more personalized and enhanced travel experiences. Additionally, Ryanair has also switched tape backups to the cloud and stored them in AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) that acts as a company-wide data lake and allows real-time data analytics through Amazon Kinesis.

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Ryanair Technology Theme Focus

Ryanair is tapping key disruptive technologies to personalize user experience, boost its market growth and outperform within the market. Augmented reality, AI, and big data are some of the key technologies under focus for the company.

Ryanair Technology Theme Focus

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Ryanair Technology Initiatives

In 2019, Ryanair introduced a feature on its mobile app, a bag sizing tool called Bag Sizer that uses AR technology. The tool allows the passengers to scan their bag and with the help of mapping software checks the bag dimensions. Thereby, confirming passengers whether their bag will fit under the seat or will go in the overhead bin or be checked into the hold.

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Ryanair ICT Spend by Function

  • Data center
  • Communications
  • Network
  • Application
  • End-user computing
  • Service desk
  • Management

Ryanair ICT Spend by Function

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Ryanair ICT Spend by Channel

  • Internal development and maintenance
  • Technology vendors (direct)
  • Local resellers
  • Telcos
  • ICT services providers/Consulting firms
  • Specialist outsourcers
  • Systems integrators

Ryanair ICT Spend by Channel

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Ryanair Holdings Plc ICT Spend by Segment

  • ICT services
  • Software (including Cloud SaaS)
  • Hardware (including Cloud Iaas)
  • Network and communications
  • Consulting
  • Others

Ryanair Holdings Plc ICT Spend by Segment

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Ryanair Holdings Plc Digital Transformation Strategies Overview

Total ICT Spending $71.8 million
ICT Spend by Function Communications, Data Center, Network, Application, End-User Computing, Service Desk, and Management
ICT Spend by Channel Internal Development and Maintenance, Technology Vendors (Direct), Local Resellers, Telcos, ICT Services Providers/Consulting Firms, Specialist Outsourcers, and Systems integrators
External ICT Spend by Segment ICT services, Software (including Cloud SaaS), Hardware (including Cloud Iaas), Network and communications, Consulting, and Others
Technology Theme Focus Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Augmented Reality

Reasons to Buy

The report provides information and insights into Ryanair’s tech activities, including –

  • Insights of its digital transformation strategies
  • Overview of technology initiatives covering partnerships and product launches
  • Insights on each technology initiative including technology theme, objective, and benefits
  • Details of estimated ICT budgets and major ICT contracts

Key Players

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Digital Transformation Strategy

Innovation Labs

Technology Focus

Technology Initiatives

Partnership Network Map

ICT Budgets

Major ICT Contracts

Key Executives

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The annual ICT spending of Ryanair was estimated at $71.8 million in 2021.






The key ICT spending categories by function for Ryanair are communications, data center, network, application, end-user computing, service desk, and management.

The key ICT spending categories by channel for Ryanair are internal development and maintenance, technology vendors (direct), local resellers, telcos, ICT services providers/consulting firms, specialist outsourcers, and systems integrators.

The key external ICT spending categories by segment for Ryanair are ICT services, software (including cloud SaaS), hardware (including cloud IaaS), network and communications, consulting, and others.

Some of the key technological theme in focus for Ryanair are artificial intelligence, big data, and augmented reality.


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