Importance of Sustainable Versus Functional Packaging – Consumer Survey Insights

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The rise in consumers’ awareness about sustainability has been dramatic over the past few years. Consumers are now conscious of the damage they contribute to the planet when they consume certain products and the effect that certain packaging materials have on the environment, ecosystem, and animals.

The importance of sustainable versus functional packaging consumer survey insights report analyzes consumer preference in packaging. Additionally, factors like plastic-free, biodegradable, and resealable forms of packaging are explored. As well as this, there is a comparison between consumer emphasis on sustainable packaging and luxury appearances and other factors that influence the aesthetics of the packaging. Moreover, this report provides key insights into preferred packaging types. It also assesses the differences between generations and regions and how consumer consciousness regarding sustainability impacts consumer choice.

What are the major packaging factors influencing the consumer purchasing decisions?

Most consumers value biodegradable packaging and packaging made from sustainable sources. Globally, the majority of the consumers feel that compostable/biodegradable packaging is important to them. This is perhaps driven by the news coverage of the implications of plastic packaging being left in public and wildlife areas.  Due to efforts to conserve the planet, many consumers are now more conscious of their shopping choices and packaging is a driving factor of this. Furthermore, many consumers globally feel that sustainability/made from renewable sources is an important feature.

The functionality of a product’s packaging is also crucial to global consumers. Although consumers want products to benefit the environment rather than hinder it, they have not eased in their desire for the packaging to still be easily usable. This reveals that people want as little inconvenience as possible when purchasing a product. Additionally, consumers desire easily functioning packaging. This could be due to hectic lifestyles that encompass on-the-go consumption. Ease of use is nevertheless only one among several factors that consumers value, all of which need to be considered in packaging design.

What is the region-wise outlook of the packaging market?

The sustainable versus functional packaging market report offers consumer survey insights across several regions including North America, Europe, Central & South America, Asia & Australasia, and Middle East & Africa.

Sustainable versus functional packaging market, by region

Sustainable versus functional packaging market, by region

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What are the key packaging considerations for industry players?

Brands should make use of effective yet environmentally friendly packaging materials to appeal to the global market that values protecting the planet. For consumers to easily recognize that a product or packaging is eco-friendly, it is important to use natural colors like green or brown to reflect these properties. Green may also symbolize freshness, which will further entice the consumer.

Brands should also invest in packaging materials that will last beyond one use, encouraging consumers to reuse them and discourage single-use plastics.

Which are the major brands offering sustainable packaging to attract consumers?

The major brands that are introducing sustainable packaging in beverages, toiletries, and baby care products for attracting consumers are Starbucks, Huggies, and Garnier.

Market report scope

Key regions North America, Europe, Central & South America, Asia & Australasia, and Middle East & Africa.
Major brands Starbucks, Huggies, and Garnier


  • Environmentally friendly packaging is extremely important to consumers.
  • With the ongoing battle with COVID-19, consumers value hygienic packaging, which may make them feel more protected from the virus.
  • Consumers find the functionality of packaging very important; components like resealable openings are favorable.

Reasons to Buy

  • Identify how preferences differ across countries and regions.
  • Learn how imperative sustainability is to consumers when choosing products and their packaging.
  • Identify how brands can entice consumers into buying their products from their packaging features.

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Table of Contents

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