Never Trust, Always Verify – Is Zero Trust the Next Big Thing in Cybersecurity?

Pages: 63 Published: April 29, 2022 Report Code: GDDT-FT-M012

Zero trust is a strategic approach to secure infrastructure and data that necessitates all users, whether in or outside an organization’s network, to constantly be authenticated, authorized, and validated for security configuration and posture before providing access to applications or data. Zero trust can be achieved both ways, with or without the integration of blockchain technology.

The zero trust future TechSeries report highlights the factors driving and challenging the implementation of zero trust, regulatory scenario, and the future potential of zero trust in the coming years to secure cloud-native applications.

Technology Decoding

In the wake of accelerated digital transformation, traditional perimeter-based security models often fail to protect modern digital environments. Against the backdrop, enterprises explore zero trust as it takes a micro-level approach to authenticate and approve access at every point within a network.

The Road Ahead

Enterprise adoption of zero trust is anticipated to be driven by a growing shift towards hybrid-work models and cloud-centric operations to facilitate end-to-end security and orchestration in a data-driven future. Emerging concepts such as zero trust as-a-service will gain traction soon.

Patent Landscape Analysis

Patenting activity in zero trust sees a boom, notably in the telecom and financial services sectors. The US leads the filings, followed by China and the UK. Alibaba, IBM, and Capital One are the top filers with their research focus on MFA, end end-to-end encryption for efficient security systems.

Media & Trend Analysis

Business leaders bet on zero trust’s potential for transitioning to cloud models and enabling secure access to huge volumes of data from any device, anywhere. Large enterprises gear up to hire mid to senior talent to design and develop industry-specific zero trust platforms.

Investment Radar

Zero trust startups attract venture capital (VC) funding primarily for multifactor authentication (MFA), identity access management, and micro-segmentation. US leads the global VC funding to securely connect authenticated users anywhere, using any device.

Innovation Explorer

Cybersecurity solution providers design innovations on legacy virtual private network (VPN) replacement, domain system security, cloud entity engine, biometric authentication, and AI-powered firewalls to enable their customers to implement zero trust easily and effectively.

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  • Technology Decoding: presents the need for a zero trust model, challenges addressed by zero trust, definition and major advantages, comparison between traditional security model and zero trust model, illustrative zero trust architecture, prominent use cases, and active startups and enterprises.
  • Media & Trend Analysis: highlights the presentation of zero trust from the media perspective – major news and lauds from social media promoting the technology. It also includes mentions of web zero trust in company annual filings and hiring trends.
  • Investment Radar: outlines the total investment trends, prominent acquisition initiatives, venture capital investment trends, leading investors, and corporate investors and investees
  • Innovation Explorer: introduces game-changing company innovations with a spotlight on startups, select corporate partnerships inclined at future product developments
  • Patent Landscape Analysis: provides a broad-level analysis of the trends in patent filings and grants, technology leaders, filing trends by technology and industry, priority countries, and some interesting patents of zero trust from corporations and startups.
  • The Road Ahead: summarizes the drivers and challenges, strategies to address challenges, regulatory landscape, implementational challenges, potential use cases and new concepts emerging, and outlook

Key Highlights

Zero trust overview and high impact industries, ecosystem players, and big companies in each industry embracing zero trust and its ecosystem trends, the buzz created in the media, VC investment trends, examples related to the implementation of zero trust models in financial services, healthcare, telecom, transportation, education, energy, government, manufacturing, and retail, trends in patent filings and grants, factors driving and challenging the implementation of zero trust, regulatory scenario, and the future potential of zero trust in the coming years to secure cloud-native applications.

Reasons to Buy

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Key Players

AccuKnow, Adobe, Advanced New Technology, Agilicus, Akamai, Alibaba Group, Alphabet, Amazon, Amdocs, Aporeto, Apple, Apria Healthcare, Area 1 Security, Arm, Array Networks, Aruba, AT&T, Attivo Networks, Axis Security, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, BambooCloud, Bank of America, Banyan Security, Beyond Identity, Bitglass, Black Gold Coin, BlackBerry, Block Armour, BNP Paribas, Bombardier, Broadcom, Bundesdruckerei, Bupa Insurance, Byblos Bank, Capgemini, Capital One, Cathay Pacific, Cato Networks, Centrify, Cervello, Charoen Pokphand Group, Check Point, China Unicom, Chronicled, Cisco, Citrix, Cleveland Clinic, Cloudentity, Cloudflare, CloudGenix, CloudKnox, Coca-Cola, Conair, CrowdStrike, CyberArk, Cybereason, CyLon, Cyolo, Cyxtera, Daimler, Datacloak, Dell, Duo Security, eBay, Edan, Edelweiss, Elisity, Engie, Enveil, Ericsson, Etisalat, Expandium, Ferrovial, Forcepoint, Ford, Forescout, Fortinet, Franklin Templeton, F-Secure Oyj, FYBR, General Dynamics, Genomic Health, Google, Gravitational, Guardicore, Hartmann, HCA Healthcare, HDFC Life, Honeywell, Horizon Telecom, HP, Huawei, Humana, i2Dx, IBM, IKEA, Illinois Tool, Illumio, Infosys, Intel, IntSights, Ivanti, JAFCO, Johnson Controls, Journey AI, JPMorgan Chase, JumpCloud, Juniper Networks, Kaseya, KDDI, Keyfactor, Kudelski, Leidos, Levi’s, LifeOmic, LinkedIn, L’Oreal, LVMH, Marriott, Mastercard, McAfee, Meituan Dianping, Menlo Security, Mercedes Benz, Meta, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Morphisec, National Australia Bank, National Grid, National Institutes of Health, nChain, NetFoundry, NetMotion, Netography, Netskope, Nio, Nippon Steel, NOV, Novartis, Okta, Ooredoo, Oracle, Orange, Ory, Palo Alto Networks, PayPal, Perimeter 81, PingIdentity, Principal, ProofID, Prosimo, PulseOne, Qomplx, Rafay Systems, Rambus, Rapid7, Rubrik, Salesforce, Samsung, Sanmina Corporation, Saraswat Bank, Saviynt, Schneider Electric, Schroders, Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores, SecureCircle, Sennheiser, SentinelOne, Siemens, Siemplify, Silicon Labs, Silverfort, Singapore Exchange Limited, Skyflow, StackPulse, SteathPath, Sysdig, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Talon Cyber Security, Tata Communications, Telefonica, Tempered Networks, Tencent, Tesco, Thales, The Harbor Bank of Maryland, ThreatLocker, Tigera, T-Mobile, Todyl, TrueFort, Truu, Twitter, TypingDNA, VAST Data, Veracode, Verizon, Versa Networks, VMware, Vodafone, VU Security, West Bend Mutual Insurance, WiteSand, Woodside, Xage, Yahoo, Yamaha, Zscaler

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Technology Decoding: Trends in data compromises, definition and key properties, evolution of zero trust, traditional vs zero trust, zero trust architecture, major industries and use cases, and key players

2. Media & Trend Analysis: Popular news publications, social media traction, thought leadership, mentions in company filings, and hiring trends of big companies

3. Investment Radar: Total funding, mergers & acquisitions, VC investment trends by value, volume, and geography, leading VC investors, corporate investors and investees

4. Innovation Explorer: Key innovators and innovations across major industries, large enterprises in action, and strategic corporate partnerships to deploy zero trust

5. Patent Landscape Analysis: Trends in patent filings, grants, & publications, patent filings by country, top patent filers, key filing trends by industries, and interesting patents

6. The Road Ahead: Drivers and challenges, regulatory landscape, potential use cases for business leaders, emerging concepts, and zero trust maturity model

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