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Total Payment Volume on PayPal: Global (Q3 2015 – Q1 2022)

  • In Q1 2022, PayPal’s total payment volume (TPV) stood at USD 323 billion
  • This has resulted in a year-on-year increase of 13% in total payment volume
  • The payment volume on PayPal’s platform has increased in the recent quarters owing to the widespread popularity of digital payment methods

PayPal, a digital payment processor and payment gateway platform, that facilitates payment transactions by bridging customers and merchants through its platform, has witnessed a growth in the total payment volume (TPV) over the years as the digital payment method becomes the preferred payment gateway across the world.

With over 429 million active accounts in Q1 2022, the total payment volume for PayPal amounted to USD 323 billion, a 13% YoY increase. Whereas for FY2021 PayPal’s various platforms were used to make nearly 19.3 billion transactions which amounted to a total payment volume (TPV) of USD 1.25 trillion. E-commerce has been the major contributor to the rising payment volumes on PayPal, over the years eBay, a major e-commerce platform, had established itself as a major payment partner for PayPal, but with the eBay and PayPal payment agreement scheduled to end in July 2023, and the new payment partnership of eBay-Adyen, PayPal’s total payment volume is set to be affected as the payment agreement nears its end.

Total payment volume represents the number of transactions carried out using the direct usage or payment gateway platform of PayPal. The payment carried out thus becomes the direct and major source of revenue for PayPal when it charges a Net transaction fee, which is primarily charged to merchants on a transaction basis based on the Total Payment Volume (TPV) completed on PayPal’s payments platform. Growth in TPV (total payment volume) is directly impacted by the number of payment transactions that are successfully completed on the payments platform. PayPal earns additional fees from merchants and consumers on transactions where it performs currency conversions when cross-border transactions are made (i.e., transactions where the merchant and consumer are in different countries).

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