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Greece: Five Largest Mines in 2021

  • Ptolemais South Field Mine in West Macedonia, was the largest mine in Greece, producing approximately 23.84 million metric tons per annum (mmtpa) of Run-of-Mine (ROM) in 2021. The Ptolemais South Field Mine is owned by Public Power Corporation SA. The second largest mine with approximately 10.69 mmtpa of ROM, was the Amynteon Mine located in West Macedonia. The Amynteon Mine is owned by Public Power Corporation SA.

  • Megalopolis Mine located in Peloponnese was the third-largest mine, the Florina Mines located in West Macedonia was the fourth-largest mine, and the Adamas Mine (Imerys SA) located in South Aegean was the fifth-largest mine, with an estimated ROM production of 9.39 mmtpa, 2.72 mmtpa and 1.43 mmtpa, respectively, in 2021. The Megalopolis Mine is owned by Public Power Corporation SA, the Florina Mines is owned by Public Power Corporation SA and the Adamas Mine (Imerys SA) is owned by Imerys SA.

  • The five largest mines, i.e., Ptolemais South Field Mine, Amynteon Mine, Megalopolis Mine, Florina Mines, and Adamas Mine (Imerys SA), cumulatively produced approximately 48.07 mmtpa of ROM in 2021

Greece: Five Largest Mines in 2021

Published: July 2022
Source: GlobalData

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