GlobalData Plc


Our unique data enables markets to be precisely sized and opportunities to be accurately gauged.

We help our clients understand the consumer’s perspective, which we believe is critical to developing a successful product strategy in payments. Our team of payments experts produces insight that provides answers to the questions you don’t know to ask yet.

With a subscription to our payments portfolio, you will benefit from access to:

Industry Analysis

Deep-dive insight and analysis on strategic issues facing the global payments market, from new technologies to disruptive forces in established verticals. Our focus is on the fastest growing segments of the market including online payments, NFC, mobile wallets, P2P transfers and other emerging technologies. This is all supported by our proprietary data sets and extensive primary and secondary research. Use this information to plan your responses to changes in the market and stay ahead of the curve.

Country Insight

Coverage of key trends and developments in 73 key markets globally, including market sizing and forecasts, cross-country comparison, regulation, market segmentation and consumer insights. Use this information to gauge the size of the opportunity, determine which strategies will succeed and determine those payment solutions likely to see the greatest adaption.

Competitor Tracking

Access our database of over 3,000 major payment companies in the industry, including alternative payment companies/solutions. Use our tools to track the entire payments value chain, from market shares of major issuers and acquirers to the partnerships, product launches and developments of the major technology companies and payment providers. Use this information to track your competitors and keep on top of the new developments in the payments space.


Takes a deep look at the most noteworthy developments in over 250 innovative companies as we assess their potential for impacting the market. Use this information to quickly evaluate the most important developments in payments and plan your response to the market changes these will create.

Forecasts and Interactive Data

With the largest global payments database including over one million data points across 73 major payments markets, our clients can track and trace changes in all key payment indicators. Use our advanced visualization and workflow tools to easily extract information from the following databases: Payment Instruments Analytics, Payment Card Analytics, Online Commerce Analytics, Market Drivers Analytics, Merchant Acquiring Analytics and Card Profitability Analytics.


Developed out of our global consumer surveys, our range of interactive dashboards enable you to quickly understand key trends and developments in various market segments across 29 major payment markets using our advanced visualization tools. Our tools cover a wide range of key industry areas including Online payments, Mobile Proximity Payments, Mobile Wallet Payments, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Charge Cards, Prepaid Cards, Payment Card Loyalty, and Fraud. Use our proprietary data to understand the attitudes and behavior of your target segments in order to guarantee the success of your tactical and strategic objectives.

Our Geographical Coverage in 73 countries

Our geographical coverage explores the latest trends and development across 73 consumer payments markets, and highlights the direction in which the industry is moving.