Outbound Tourism Spending Habits and Trend Analysis of the Top 10 Expenditure Markets, 2022 Update

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Despite the travel restrictions and lockdowns in 2021, outbound travel grew worldwide, with the second half of the year witnessing strong growth in international travel. Regional trends varied, as the Americas and Europe, saw healthy growth, and Asia registered a further decline. While leisure travel recorded growth in 2021, business travel witnessed a decline. The major driving factor contributing to growth in 2021 was sun and beach holidays. However, the Russia-Ukraine war is resulting in high oil prices, increased travel costs, and the interruption of travel in eastern Europe.

The Outbound Tourism Spending Habits and Trend Analysis report provides an in-depth analysis of the top 10 spending outbound markets globally. Here, detailed commentary and analysis are provided for outbound spending in the US, Germany, France, the UK, the Netherlands, Russia, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria.

Outbound Tourism Market Dynamics

Despite the concerns regarding the pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war, global international tourism recovery looks promising. Source markets with high outbound travel potential over the forecast period include China, the US, Germany, the UK, and France. France, Spain, the US, Italy, and China are the preferred destination markets. Travel to Europe is in high demand among Americans and Asians. The rise in the value of the US dollar in 2022 is favoring American travelers making trips abroad. The China Outbound Tourism Research Institute forecasts a strong wave of outbound travel from China in 2023. Chinese outbound travel post-COVID will see students traveling internationally, along with business travelers and high net-worth people. The pandemic has also led travelers to choose independent travel over package tours.

Top Expenditure Markets in Outbound Tourism

The US

With the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions, the US outbound tourism industry performed well in 2021.  Travel from the US to Mexico showed growth in 2021 even though the US – Mexico land border was closed for nonessential travel until November 2021. As there were no quarantine or testing requirements for entering Mexico, the US travelers flew to the country throughout 2021. The development of Mexico’s health and wellness and medical tourism offerings also led to the growth in trips to Mexico.


German outbound tourism in 2021 performed at par with 2020. In 2021, travel to Turkey had a high demand among Germans. The large number of Turkish migrants living in Germany is a key driver of this travel. Antalya and the resort town of Side are the most preferred Turkish cities for German vacationers.

Furthermore, outbound travel from Germany to Greece doubled in 2021. Summer in Greece is a favorite vacation for German tourists due to their desire for the beaches and the Greek sun.


France, which used to be in the fifth position in outbound expenditure, moved to the third in 2021. A marketing campaign to promote the Maldives as a travel destination for the French focused on presenting the Maldives as naturally social-distanced and its accommodations as following strict COVID-19 safety policies. The campaign is likely to attract more French tourists to the Maldives over the coming years. Moreover, even during the pandemic, Spain remained the top destination for French tourists.

The UK

Since the UK was exposed to multiple variants of the coronavirus in 2021, many destinations banned UK travelers from entering their country or at least imposed significant restrictions. The key destination markets such as Spain, France, Italy, Ireland, and the US were among the countries that banned UK arrivals. With rising COVID-19 cases, the reluctance to travel among Britons also contributed to the decline in outbound trips. Trips from the UK to the US declined drastically in 2021, but international departures to Cyprus increased significantly.


The Dutch outbound tourism sector performed comparatively better in 2021. However, since many travel restrictions were still in place, recovery to pre-pandemic levels was sluggish. In 2021, trips from the Netherlands to Turkey increased significantly, driven by the weak value of the lira.

Outbound Tourism Market, by Country

Outbound Tourism Market, by Country

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Outbound Tourism Market Report Overview

Key Expenditure Markets The US, Germany, France, the UK, the Netherlands, Russia, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria


  • This report provides detailed market analysis, information, and insights for the top 10 outbound spending markets globally.
  • Historic and forecast tourist volumes covering the top 10 global outbound tourism markets are combined with a detailed analysis of tourist spending patterns in these markets.
  • Actionable insight on key trends and issues in these markets is then given.

Reasons to Buy

  • Understand how the top 10 markets are expected to grow using historic and forecast market data
  • Understand the demand-side dynamics within the industry to identify key market trends and growth opportunities
  • Direct promotional efforts in the most promising markets by identifying the high-spending source markets

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Top 10 Expenditure Markets in Focus

United States: Outbound Tourism Spending Habits

Germany: Outbound Tourism Spending Habits

France: Outbound Tourism Spending Habits

United Kingdom : Outbound Tourism Spending Habits

Netherlands: Outbound Tourism Spending Habits

Russia: Outbound Tourism Spending Habits

Belgium: Outbound Tourism Spending Habits

Italy: Outbound Tourism Spending Habits

Switzerland: Outbound Tourism Spending Habits

Austria: Outbound Tourism Spending Habits




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List of Figures

List of Figures

Figure 1: Top 10 outbound tourism expenditure in 2021 ($B)

Figure 2: Top 10 outbound tourism expenditure in 2021 ($B)

Figure 3: US outbound tourism expenditure ($B)

Figure 4: US outbound trips to Mexico (M)

Figure 5: Germany outbound tourism expenditure ($B)

Figure 6: Germany outbound trips to Greece (M)

Figure 7: France outbound tourism expenditure ($B)

Figure 8: France outbound trips to Spain (M)

Figure 9: UK outbound tourism expenditure ($B)

Figure 10: UK outbound to the US (M)

Figure 11: Netherlands outbound tourism expenditure ($B)

Figure 12: Netherlands outbound trips to Turkey (Thousand)

Figure 13: Russia outbound tourism expenditure ($B)

Figure 14: Russian outbound trips (M)

Figure 15: Belgium outbound tourism expenditure ($B)

Figure 16: Belgium outbound trips to Greece (Thousand)

Figure 17: Italy outbound tourism expenditure ($B)

Figure 18: Italy outbound trips to Greece (M)

Figure 19: Switzerland outbound tourism expenditure ($B)

Figure 20: Switzerland outbound trips to Turkey (Thousand)

Figure 21: Austria outbound tourism expenditure ($B)

Figure 22 : Austria outbound trips to Croatia (M)

Figure 23: Top 10 outbound expenditure markets 2025 ($B)

Frequently Asked Questions

The top expenditure markets in outbound tourism are the US, Germany, France, the UK, the Netherlands, Russia, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria.

The major driving factor contributing to growth in 2021 was sun and beach holidays.

Source markets with high outbound travel potential over the forecast period include China, the US, Germany, the UK, and France.

The preferred destination markets for outbound tourism are France, Spain, the US, Italy, and China.


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