Poland Source Tourism Insight Report Including International Departures, Domestic Trips, Key Destinations, Trends, Tourist Profiles, Analysis of Consumer Survey Responses, Spend Analysis, Risks and Future Opportunities, 2023 Update

Pages: 31 Published: May 12, 2023 Report Code: GDTT-SMI23-05

Poland Source Tourism Market Report Overview

Poland source tourism market witnessed 14.12 million outbound trips in 2022. Retail ranks highest compared to other expenditures of Polish tourists, and this is due to the high spending of travelers, both in Poland, and the preferred destinations of Polish tourists. Following this, both in terms of domestic and outbound expenditure, is spending on accommodation, which is to be expected due to Polish travelers preferring package breaks, which usually results in higher expenditure.

The Poland source tourism market research report provides insights into Poland’s domestic and outbound tourism market. It looks at the profiles of Poland tourists and summarizes the key reasons for their traveling. Moreover, it offers an in-depth analysis of traveler flows, spending patterns, main destination markets, and current and future opportunities for tourism businesses seeking to tap into the Polish outbound travel market.

Key Segments Domestic Tourism and Outbound Tourism
Key Holiday Types Sun and Beach Holidays, Visiting Friends or Family, Cultural Holidays, Adventure/Sport Holidays, City Break Holidays, Gastronomical Holidays, Eco Holidays, Multi-Stop Trip Holidays, Wellness/Medical Holidays, Wedding Related Holidays, Cruise Holidays, Religious Holidays, and LGBTQIA+ Holidays, Others

Poland Source Tourism Market Dynamics

Aligned with global travel trends, affordability and accessibility are two of the most influential factors when Polish holidaymakers are deciding where to go on holiday. According to GlobalData’s Q3 2021 Consumer Survey, a significant percentage of Polish respondents consider affordability when deciding where to go on holiday, the most popular response.

Poland is an emerging destination with attractions to suit every traveler with city breaks, sun and beach destinations, and mountains for adventure and sport holidays. A characteristic of Poles making domestic trips is that they travel largely towards the northern region of the country or the southern. This is in line with GlobalData’s Q3 2021 consumer survey results, which saw Polish respondents largely desiring sun and beach holidays and adventure/sport holidays, which can be catered to best by the northern and southern regions, respectively. A holiday is usually for relaxation purposes, so the northern region’s offerings of beach destinations such as Gdansk are a welcome sight for domestic travelers.

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Poland Source Tourism Market Segments

The key segments in the Poland source tourism market are domestic tourism and outbound tourism. Domestic tourism was the leading segment in the Poland source tourism market in 2022.

Domestic Tourism: In the Polish source tourism market domestic travel is more popular than international travel. Domestic travel saw a YoY increase from 2021 to 2022 due to lessening pandemic restrictions, although this cause an uptick in predominantly international travel, domestic travel also rose. The total number of domestic return trips is expected to rebound to well above pre-pandemic levels by 2023, where an expected 12.9 million residents will make a domestic return trip.

Outbound Tourism: Digitalization is important to reach the outbound Polish market. Tourism was one of the first sectors to digitalize business processes on a global scale, bringing flight and hotel booking online. The digitalized tourism sector must continue to innovate and generate new business opportunities to further the competitiveness and growth of the industry. The greatest growth potential in the Polish online travel market lies in the search, information and booking of travel and leisure services using smart phones and other connected devices.

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Poland Source Tourism Market Segmentation by Holiday Types

The types of holidays preferred by tourists from Poland are sun and beach holidays, visiting friends or family, cultural holidays, adventure/sport holidays, city break holidays, gastronomical holidays, eco holidays, multi-stop trip holidays, wellness/medical holidays, wedding related holidays, cruise holidays, religious holidays, and LGBTQIA+ holidays, others. Sun and beach holidays were the most popular within the Mexican tourists.

Poland Source Tourism Market Analysis by Holiday Types, (%)

Poland Source Tourism Market Analysis by Holiday Types, (%)

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Segments Covered in the Report

Poland Source Tourism Market Segments Outlook


  • Domestic Tourism
  • Outbound Tourism


Poland Source Tourism Market Holiday Types


  • Sun and
  • beach
  • Visiting friends
  • or family
  • Cultural
  • Adventure/
  • sport
  • City break
  • Gastronomical
  • Eco
  • Multi-stop trip
  • Wellness/
  • medical
  • Wedding Related
  • Cruise
  • Religious


This report is part of GlobalData’s Source Market Insights Series. This report provides an in-depth analysis of traveler flows, spending patterns, main destination markets, as well as current and future opportunities for tourism businesses seeking to tap into the Polish outbound travel market.

Reasons to Buy

  • This report provides clear insight into developments in Poland’s domestic and outbound tourism markets.
  • The report uses data and analysis to discuss future trends related to domestic trips, international departures, traveler spending, and main destination markets.
  • The report explores the different profiles of Polish tourists and the reasons that they travel, hence providing an insight into the trends in different segments of the market.
  • The reader gains a strong understanding of the opportunities in the country, as well as the risks, to support better business decisions.
  • This report examines the impact of COVID-19 on Polish outbound and domestic tourism.

Key Players

LOT Polish Airlines

Table of Contents


Country Snapshot: 2022

Polish tourism market in 2022: at a glance


Main Findings,

Polish Tourist Profile

Domestic Tourism

Outbound Tourism

Main and Developing Destination Markets



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Domestic tourism is the leading segment in the Poland source tourism market.

The digitalized tourism sector in Poland must continue to innovate and generate new business opportunities to further the competitiveness and growth of the industry.


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