ASEAN Destination Tourism Insight Report including International Arrivals, Domestic Trips, Key Source / Origin Markets, Trends, Tourist Profiles, Spend Analysis, Key Infrastructure Projects and Attractions, Risks and Future Opportunities, 2022 Update

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The ASEAN destination tourism market report provides an analysis of destination markets, infrastructure and attractions, main and emerging source markets, as well as risks and opportunities in the ASEAN region. This report also explores the types of travelers that visit the region as well as a SWOT analysis.

What are the market dynamics of the ASEAN destination tourism market?

The ten members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Philippines, Laos, Myanmar, and Brunei. The COVID-19 pandemic hit the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region first and exposed the high dependency of the ASEAN member countries’ tourism economies on Chinese tourists. To facilitate travel in the ASEAN region, an electronic visa system might be built for all ASEAN countries. This will help in seamless border control and a dedicated ASEAN immigration lane at all international airports of member countries.

Solo-travelers, groups, families and couples are all attracted to the ASEAN region for its natural and cultural tourism, diverse activities on offer and often affordable travel experience. Nevertheless, couples accounted for the largest share of inbound travelers in 2021. Leisure is the leading inbound travel purpose to the ASEAN region as well as the top inbound travel purpose for all the individual ASEAN member countries, apart from Myanmar. Business travel is the second leading inbound travel purpose. International arrivals to the ASEAN region arrived primarily by air.

What are the key types of holidays in the ASEAN destination tourism market?

The key types of holidays in the ASEAN destination tourism market are sun and beach holidays, eco holidays, and gastronomy holidays. Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia have all become well-known beach destinations, with offerings for both high-end and budget travelers. There is also latent potential in member countries such as Brunei and Myanmar to attract sun and beach tourism. Within the wide spectrum of tourism segment, ecotourism has risen in popularity, with an increase in nature-bound activities across the ASEAN region. Tourism authorities and brands have taken note of this trend, and eco resorts and hotels can now be found across all ten ASEAN member countries. ASEAN member states are aiming to present their countries as a collective hub for food tourism. The potential for growth is immense given the support and resources channeled into this sector by both, the public and private sectors.

ASEAN destination tourism market, by types of holiday

ASEAN destination tourism market, by types of holiday

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Market report scope

Key types of holidays  Sun and Beach Holidays, Eco Holidays, and Gastronomy Holidays

This report provides an in-depth analysis of a tourist destination and its key source markets, as well as an assessment of the trends and issues in the covered destination market, in this case the ASEAN region.

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  • Gain a better understanding of the opportunities in the market, as well as the risks, to support better business decisions.

Key Players


Bamboo Airways

JetStar Asia

AirAsia X

Bangkok Airways


Lion Air


Thai Airways

Singapore Airlines

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


ASEAN Overview

Key Trends

ASEAN Destinations- Butler’s Curve

Projects and Developments

Tourism Construction Projects

New Air Routes International and Domestic

COVID-19 Impact

COVID-19 Impact

Destination Actions

Source Markets

Main Source Markets

Upcoming Source Markets

Types of Tourism

Sun and Beach



Destination Focus




Regional Risk and SWOT Analysis

Regional Risk Analysis

SWOT Analysis


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The key types of holidays in the ASEAN destination tourism market are sun and beach holidays, eco holidays, and gastronomy holidays.


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