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  • Listen Group, formerly Ctrip, is a leading travel platform globally, integrating a comprehensive suite of travel products and services and differentiated travel content. Group’s operations are primarily based in China and most of the company’s revenues are derived from operations in China.

The company has a strong domestic growth strategy that involves growing its online as well as its offline presence. A key part of’s domestic growth is its ‘content strategy’ imagined to attract and engage users. This content strategy includes a user interface on which users can write authentic, user-generated content.

What is the impact of COVID-19 on Group?

The COVID-19 pandemic adversely affected many aspects of’s business. Since January 2020, the company has experienced, and continues to experience, a significant decline in travel demand resulting in significant user cancelations, refund requests and reduced new orders for international and domestic travel. In 2021, continued to be affected by various COVID-19 mutations which triggered lockdowns in both China and overseas markets.

Prior to COVID-19, Group was actively growing its 30,000 strong workforce around the world. However, the volume of job postings dropped significantly at the start of the pandemic and the introduction of COVID-19 related containment measures. In the month from February 2020 to March 2020, active job postings by Group and its subsidiaries declined. Furthermore, active job postings continued to remain relatively lower from March 2020 until September 2020.

What are the key marketing strategies implemented by

The key marketing strategies implemented by are marketing and brand awareness, transformation from a transaction-only platform to a hub of travel inspiration with ‘Star Hub’, investment in China Eastern Airlines, increasing accommodation inventory with investments in Homeinns and Tujia. Group’s international ambitions are clear when looking at the series of strategic partnerships and investments the company has made in the past. In 2019, Group entered a strategic partnership with TripAdvisor.  According to a news release from Group, the strategic partnership is intended to expand global cooperation through a joint venture and global content agreements. Ctrip, a subsidiary of Group entered into a joint venture with TripAdvisor’s subsidiary TripAdvisor Singapore. Group is the majority shareholder of the joint venture entity, contributing cash and market expertise. Domestically, Group has made a series of investments in accommodation service providers which will likely serve to increase the platform’s accommodation inventory.

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Market report scope

Key marketing strategies Marketing And Brand Awareness, Transformation from a Transaction-Only Platform to a Hub of Travel Inspiration With ‘Star Hub’, Investment in China Eastern Airlines, Increasing Accommodation Inventory with Investments in Homeinns and Tujia

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  • The case study is an analysis of’s presence in online travel, discussing key markets, domestic and international growth strategies, business structure, strategic investments, opportunities, and challenges.

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  • Gain an understanding of Group’s business structure and timeline of operations.
  • Gain an understanding of Group’s financial information, including revenue, revenue breakdown and profit.
  • Gain an understanding of the impact of COVID-19 on Group.
  • Gain an understanding of the company’s domestic and international growth strategies, the strategic investments and partnerships as well as the company’s investment in technology.
  • Recognize the opportunities and threats facing Group.

Key Players Group

Booking Holdings

Expedia Group


Flight Centre Travel Group

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


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Business Structure of Group

Timeline of Group’s Financial Information

Impact of COVID-19

China’s Travel Industry

Domestic Growth Strategies

International Growth Strategies Group’s Online Platform

Strategic Partnerships and Investments

Marketing Strategies





Frequently Asked Questions

Marketing and brand awareness, transformation from a transaction-only platform to a hub of travel inspiration with ‘Star Hub’, investment in China Eastern Airlines, increasing accommodation inventory with investments in Homeinns and Tujia are the key marketing strategies implemented by

The key revenue segments of Group are accommodation, transportation ticketing, packaged tours, and corporate travel. Group is a majority shareholder of MakeMyTrip and has a strategic partnership with TripAdvisor. It has also invested in China Eastern Airlines, Homeinns Hotel Group, and Tujia.

The key patents in the Group are online travel, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and cloud.


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