China Poised to Lead the Way in Wind Energy Generation

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In comparison to the US, China’s installed wind capacity remained negligible during the early years of the 21st century, but the industry picked up pace from 2007 and saw a rapid increase in the number of wind turbine installations. In 2010, China’s installed wind capacity exceeded that of the US by about 5 Gigawatt (GW), a gap that has been widening ever since. However, despite China’s larger capacity, the US currently generates more electricity using wind energy than China, attributed to China’s slower wind speeds and inadequate grid infrastructure, which prevents it from fully accommodating the rapid increase in the number of wind turbines in remote areas.


Wind installed capacity and generation trends in China and the US

Factors effecting the wind power market in the two countries

Impact of policy change on the wind market

Reasons to Buy

Understand the wind capacity and generation trends in the US and China

Gain insight into the key factors affecting the wind power industry

Identify policy changes and their impact on the market

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2 China Poised to Lead the Way in Wind Energy Generation 2

2.1 Growing Installed Wind Capacity and Generation 2

2.2 Factors Affecting the Wind Power Market in the US and China 2

2.3 Policies and Measures Implemented to Boost the Growth of Wind Energy 4

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