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Key Trends in Family Travel: Analysis of family travel flows, key trends and opportunities

GlobalData’s "Key Trends in Family Travel", report provides in-depth analysis of the key family travel markets globally and the trends that are shaping the future of this niche. Detailed commentary is provided on who is going where and why, and how companies can tap into this to better meet their customers' needs.

With hectic schedules, it has become difficult for families to spend quality time together and bond. Moreover, with growing disposable income and a maturing consumer market, families are looking for experiences rather than tangible possessions. Therefore, family travel has immense potential for travel players to offer their services and boost revenues. Globally, family outbound trips reached 300.5 million in 2017.


Saudi Arabians’ family travel comprised 73% of their total outbound trips, followed by China (53%) and New Zealand (48%).

Argentinian family travel accounted for only 6% of total outbound trips in 2017. Argentinians value family, but prefer to travel abroad either solo or in couples to limit household spending due to the depreciation of the Argentine peso against the major currencies such as the US dollar, Brazilian real, and the euro.

According to GlobalData’s consumer survey, parents are likely to favor sun and beach (54%) holidays in the coming year, followed by visiting friends or family (34%) and city breaks (28%).

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What is Family Travel?

Family Travel Flows

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Trends in Family Travel

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