GlobalData Plc

Digital Industries

Tracking ICT investment trends across a wide range of industries

GlobalData provides Market Data & Customer Intelligence and in-depth insights and advisory in a wide range of industries.

  • Education
    Track ICT investment trends in schools, colleges and universities around the world.
  • Energy
    Track energy companies’ ICT spending in-house and with third-parties.
  • Financial Markets
    See where ICT fits in the evolving financial markets landscape.
  • Government
    Track ICT spending by government departments and agencies of all sizes, in-house and with third-parties.
  • Healthcare
    See how healthcare providers of all sizes are choosing to spend their ICT budgets.
  • Insurance
    Track the way major insurance industry changes are affecting the ICT investment agenda.
  • Manufacturing
    Benefit from customer and market insight into ICT spending in manufacturing.
  • Media
    See where ICT fits in the fast-evolving media industry.
  • Pharmaceuticals
    Track prospects and investment trends across the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industries.
  • Retail Banking
    Track ICT investment patterns across the retail banking industry.
  • Retail
    Understand how technology is resolving the latest business issues in retail.
  • Telco/Service Providers
    Analysis of telco/service provider ICT investment decisions.
  • Travel & Leisure
    Understand changing ICT investment patterns in the travel & leisure industry.
  • Utilities
    Track ICT investment trends in the utilities industry across gas, water and electricity.
  • Automotive/Connected Car
    Analyze the market for fast-evolving connectivity technology in the automotive industry.
  • Payments
    Track the evolving payments technology landscape at a customer and market level.
  • Smart Cities
    Strategic and tactical intelligence to target the ICT opportunity for smart cities.
Products and services

We offer unparalleled insight into how industry’s ICT budgets are set to change and identify the technologies that are set to gain the most traction.

Models & Forecasts

  • We provide macro-level market opportunity forecasts across 100+ technology categories and 30+ geographical markets. We focus on industry-specific technologies to identify relevant market opportunities.

Account-based Intelligence

  • We estimate the ways that companies of all sizes are choosing to spend their ICT budgets in your industry, both in-house and with third party providers. We identify the top-spenders and highlight niche opportunities with smaller providers.


  • We analyze key industry trends and their impact on operating and business models. We clarify the scale of new industry ICT investments and the implications of emerging technologies for IT platforms, systems and business processes.


  • Our market-leading database products track variations in ICT investments, unearth the latest software and IT services contracts and estimate ICT investments across the industry.