Brands benefitting by catering supplement-infused beauty products to APAC consumers, says GlobalData

With consumers more inclined towards natural beauty/grooming products owing to growing health awareness, the beauty and health and wellness brands in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region are making cross-collaborations to offer supplement-infused beauty products to the consumers, says GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

According to GlobalData Consumer Survey Q3 2019, 87% and 86% consumers claimed that incorporation of vitamin C and E, respectively, in their beauty and grooming products make them somewhat/very appealing.

The consumers are also keen to understand the source of the ingredients used in the beauty products and the science behind the benefits of using them.

Namrata Sain, Consumer Insights Analyst at GlobalData, says: “The supplement-infused beauty industry is evolving at a faster rate than the regulations can keep up with – even if the regulations do become stricter, people will always find a way to tiptoe around them.

“There are opportunities for brands to use plant-based protein options in the beauty and wellness space that could tap into the current popularity of plant-based diets. The usage of plant ingredients rich in compounds such as vitamin A, vitamin C, or amino acids glycine, proline and lysine helps in promoting collagen production.”

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Sain adds: “Personalization within the supplement-infused beauty sector will be a game-changer, observing the growth in skin care devices and diagnostic tools. With beauty supplement being a new concept, startups are increasingly offering suites of vitamins and supplement-infused beauty solutions to the consumers.”

According to GlobalData Consumer Survey Q3 2019, a blockbuster ingredient in supplement-infused beauty, collagen, has risen through the ranks in recent years due to its associated anti-ageing benefits. The potential of marine collagen is only just now being understood and the market will continue to develop resonating with 72% APAC consumers, who responded that incorporation of collagen in their beauty and grooming products makes it somewhat/very appealing for them.

Sain concludes: “Today’s customers are very well educated in the beauty and topical skin care space And just as the skin care industry has seen the rise of skin-intellectuals, the supplement space will likely see the entry of ‘vitamintelligence’ within the supplement shoppers’ list in near future.”

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