Brewdog and LVMH’s hand sanitizer moves provide much-needed unity between business and the public amid coronavirus panic, says GlobalData

Food and beverage companies are being forced to produce their own hand sanitizer amidst the current shortages caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) so that they can keep their operations running and support their employees. This is a strong move from Brewdog as they are helping some of their staff stay employed during a time when the British public has been told to social distance and not go to pubs and bars. Such moves incorporate the much-needed unity between businesses and the public during this epidemic, says GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Matthew Coates, Consumer Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “As this is a relatively new move that has received an incredibly positive reception across different media channels, it is likely that more companies will follow suit in the upcoming weeks to help those most in need, increase brand image and gain a little profit from general consumers.”

Globally, 64% of consumers try to keep their home germ-free and tidy, according to GlobalData’s 2019 Q3 Consumer Survey. This statistic is expected to increase in the wake of coronavirus and self-isolation among consumers around the world.

Coates added: “By taking such bold measures, brands such as Brewdog and LVMH can both improve their brand image and gain support from consumers at a time when the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and hotel, restaurant and café (HoReCa) sectors are facing unprecedented and challenging times.

“By further offering such products to consumers around the world, and specifically to those in most need, for free, companies are helping develop a relationship that will be maintained after the coronavirus epidemic subsides.”

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