Coca-Cola partnership with Lime could shape the future of recycling

Coca-Cola is continuing to strive for a more sustainable product packaging range, having announced that it will reward those who are committed to recycling in the US by offering free e-scooter rides. Despite there being no tangible way of determining if the bottle has been recycled, this incentive will help drive a collaborative link between health, wellness and the beverage producer, says GlobalData, leading data and analytics company.

Joshua Heron-Edward, Beverages Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “This new initiative is well-placed in the growing e-travel market, to encourage consumers to recycle at a higher rate. By offering free e-scooter rides to promote a newly released 13.2oz bottle format, the company has begun a partnership with electric vehicle supplier, Lime. This partnership will help to promote the company in conjunction with what is considered a more environmentally friendly mode of transport.

“Coca-Cola’s new initiative with Lime aligns well with consumers’ increased awareness of their own ecological impact. Since COVID-19, consumers are becoming much more conscious of their environment and its preservation. In GlobalData’s Q1 21 consumer survey, 32%* of US consumers stated that they are interested in hearing news about brands sustainability initiatives, with a further 35% stating that they find environmentally friendly packaging a decisive factor in their purchasing decisions. This highlights a vital opportunity for brands to improve their image via sustainability initiatives.”

If successful, it presents an opportunity for other beverage producers to create similar initiatives that tap into consumer trends. Popularity of electric scooters is on the rise, and an initiative like this is well-placed to flourish in the long-term. For a similar initiative like this to prosper in the UK, brands could look towards bicycle hire companies such as Santander’s bike hire, predominantly in London, as an alternative option.

Heron-Edward adds: “To further improve its recycling rates on a more global scale, Coca-Cola plans to educate the public on how, what and where to recycle. It is important to not only generate innovative schemes such as this, but to also set an example for future generations to encourage recycling.”

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