Sysmex Corp Clinical Trials

Determine Sysmex Corp go-to-market proposition and gain insight into the company’s clinical operations, recruitment, and trial strategy.

A sample of Sysmex Corp Clinical Trials data

Trial Title Trial Identifier Drug Name Therapy Area Indication Trial Phase Trial Status Sponsor
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Deserunt mollit sunt Lorem GDCTXXXX Lorem Lorem Lorem XXXX Planned Pfizer Inc
An Observational Study to Evaluate Ras Gene Status in Blood in Advanced Colorectal Cancer Patients with Ras Mutation GDCT0415073 undisclosed chemotherapy Oncology Colorectal Cancer; Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Phase IV Ongoing, recruiting Japan Clinical Cancer Research Organization
A Clinical Study on Development of a Fully Automated Immunoassay System for Detection of Serum NY-ESO-1 and XAGE1 Antibodies as Biomarkers Predicting the Clinical Efficacy of anti-PD-1 Therapy GDCT0394831 nivolumab; pembrolizumab Oncology Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Phase IV Ongoing, recruiting Sysmex Corp
Efficacy and Safety Evaluation According to Plasma Concentration Measurement on Direct Oral Anticoagulation Using Factor-Xa Inhibitors for Non-valvular Atrial Fibrillation on Multicenter Study GDCT0356573 undisclosed factor-Xa inhibitor Cardiovascular Atrial Fibrillation Phase II Ongoing, recruiting Hokusetsu General Hospital
Clinical Trials


GlobalData’s Clinical Trials database (CTDB) is a highly comprehensive source of Clinical Trials.

The database covers planned, ongoing, completed and terminated/suspended/withdrawn clinical trials.

Clinical Trials database provides intelligence on global clinical trials for all indications. The data is sourced from:

  • 250+ clinical trial registries
  • 200+ scientific and investor conferences, company pipelines, press releases, and SEC filings.


The Clinical Trials database collects information on various parameters to provide a Clinical Trial overview as well as Clinical Trial details, Drug details, Patient details, Trial Results, Location(s)/Sponsor(s) and Contact Detail(s).


  • Detailed trial information.
  • Drug information.
  • Patient information, including inclusion and exclusion criteria.
  • Trial results, as reported in the public domain.
  • Biomarkers used for patient stratification/selection & outcome measures.
  • Enrolment parameters.
  • Investigators involved in clinical trials.
  • Trials sites and locations.
  • Contact information.


Competitive Activity – keep an eye on planned or ongoing trials, as well as the trials currently recruiting and who is sponsoring them.

Geographic Analysis - see where trials are being run.

Trend Analysis - view top sponsors, indications, phase, status and more with Trial Analytics.

Find information on trials contacts, as well as Site and Investigator information.

Get information on trial successes and failures.

Get intelligence on CROs engaged in clinical trials.

Use as a business development tool for CROs.

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