DefendTex joins the race for autonomous solutions with its portable drones at DSEI, says GlobalData

Among the 25 exhibitors at the Australia pavilion at DSEI, DefendTex Military Products showcased its Drone40, a swarm capable nano UAS that can operate as a grenade. Due to its portability, the platform was accelerated into service from the testing and evaluation phase.

The drone is controlled by an end-user smart device and can function as an autonomous loitering grenade munition, allowing the user to make more informed decisions.

GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, expects drone swarm technology will become a key defense trend as the proliferation of the technology increases, which the company explores in its latest thematic report, ‘Drones in Aerospace and Defense – Thematic Research’.

Vera Lin, Aerospace, Defense and Security Associate at GlobalData, comments: “The US and the UK are target export markets for Australian defense firms including DefendTex. The UK’s decision to leave the EU is a great opportunity for Australian companies to showcase their products to British military buyers. The nano UAS is suitable for combat infantry applications and in reconnaissance roles in the littoral environment. If the British Army was to continue using the Drone40, it would be the second Nano drone in service after the Black Hornet UAV from FLIR.”

DefendTex’s Drone40 can either be hand-launched or via a 40mm grenade launcher, being able to fit into a soldier’s webbing and is currently in use with the Australian Defence Force and has also been deployed by the British Armed Forces in Mali as part of Operation Newcombe in 2019.

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