Glaucoma awareness month highlights need for prevention and better diagnostics

January is Glaucoma Awareness Month, serving as a reminder that regular eye exams and timely medical treatments are key to preventing further vision loss in glaucoma patients, says GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Glaucoma surgery is an effective method to lower the intraocular pressure (IOP) caused by glaucoma. GlobalData estimates that the global glaucoma surgery devices market will reach approximately USD$84m by 2025, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4%.

Sheryl Tang, Principal Medical Devices Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “With the growing ageing population, a group at high-risk for developing glaucoma, the prevalence of severe glaucoma and blindness is expected to increase in the coming years, prompting the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in vision diagnostics.”

On December 28, 2020, Heru, Inc. received Class 1 listing with the Food and Drug Association (FDA) for developing an AI-driven platform for vision diagnostics and augmentation with a wearable device. This allows for more patients to access to more accurate eye health diagnostic and screening, with immediate access to results in the cloud-based system by physicians.

Tang adds: “The need for advanced vision health and diagnostics will drive the development of AI in vision care. By making diagnostics and screening more widely accessible, in addition to spreading awareness, GlobalData expects that the growth in AI-driven vision diagnostics will create an enormous market opportunity for the glaucoma surgery devices market over the next five to 10 years.”

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