GlobalData reveals top 10 tobacco influencers on Twitter in Q2 2020

An analysis of GlobalData’s Tobacco Alternatives Influencer Network Platform, which tracks more than 190 leading industry experts and their discussions pertaining to the emerging trends, pain areas, new fields of innovation and other popular areas on Twitter, has revealed Charles A. Gardner, Director at the Foundation for a Smoke Free World, as the top tobacco influencer during the second quarter (Q2) 2020.

Vaping supporter Johnny Twovapes emerged as the next top influencer among tobacco experts with an influencer score 76. He tweeted largely about the benefits of vaping, which plays an important role in preventing tobacco-related issues. Gregory Conley, President at American Vaping Association, was ranked third with an influencer score 71. The conversations from Gregory were largely about the misinformation related to the association between COVID-19 patients and vaping.

‘Vaping’ emerged as the most discussed trend among tobacco related conversations, followed by ‘Tobacco’ and ‘COVID-19’. The conversations on Vaping were driven by World Vape Day which was celebrated on 30 May by millions of vapers across the globe to raise awareness on e-cigarettes or vapes and encourage smokers, who are unable to quit smoking to switch to safer nicotine products.

Philip Morris International emerged as the most mentioned organization among influencer conversations, followed by ‘The World Health Organization’ and ‘British American Tobacco’. The conversations about Philip Morris were led by criticism faced by the company on donating ventilators to the Greek government as COVID-19 infections surge in the country.

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