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#ChronicKidneyFailure, often known as end-stage renal disease, is a syndrome that causes the progressive and severe loss of kidney function.

The #KidneyProject at the University of California, San Francisco (#UCSF) has produced a prototype model of an implanted #BioartificialKidney. The implantable bioartificial kidney model comprises a two-stage system with thousands of nanoscale filters or hemofilter and a bioreactor to mimic the metabolic and water-balance roles of the human kidney. While the ultimate goal of the team is to create a device that is similar to a fully working, healthy kidney, the interim goal is to create a device that is good enough to provide an alternative to dialysis or transplant. This Kidney Project completed the first phase, and they are now focusing on reducing the device size to fit into the body and testing the individual components in animal models.

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