Isuzu and Honda collaboration a step towards hydrogen economy, says GlobalData

Following today’s news (Wednesday, 15th January) that Isuzu and Honda are to team up on research and development (R&D) for hydrogen fuel-cell powered heavy-duty trucks;

David Leggett, Automotive Editor at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers his view:

“Hydrogen fuel-cell technology is not cheap to develop, so the collaboration between Isuzu and Honda makes sense for both. The development of these cells for use in freight transportation and logistics could well turn out to be a significant step in the long-term transition to a cleaner, hydrogen-based economy.

“Hydrogen fuel-cells is an emerging technology that shows big promise for a low-carbon transportation future, despite current refuelling infrastructure constraints. Companies are waking up to the suitability of hydrogen fuel-cells for heavy-duty freight and commercial vehicle applications, which offer the advantage of zero-emissions and potentially a long range between refuelling – as much as 400km.

“Other battery-based electric drive technologies, which are increasingly seen in passenger cars and light delivery vehicles, are less suitable for the transportation of heavy loads over long distances.

“Isuzu brings commercial vehicle development expertise to the collaboration, while Honda has plenty of relevant experience in electric vehicle control systems and hydrogen fuel-cell technology.”

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