Job postings reduce marginally in Sept 21’ but foodservice sector emerges stronger, finds GlobalData

  • Global job postings reduced by 8% in Sept 2021, compared to Aug 2021
  • Job listings in foodservice sector grew by 23% but adverts in sectors such as mining declined
  • Adverts in France, Australia and Netherlands grew positively
  • Health and safety and e-commerce are trending themes

Global hiring remained relatively low as job listings reduced in September 2021 compared to the previous month. Though listings in retail and healthcare sectors were trending, however, it is the foodservice sector that saw a growth in job postings. In a month where most sectors recorded fewer listings, job adverts in foodservice sector grew by 23% in Sept’ 21 compared to Aug’ 21, reveals GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Ajay Thalluri, Business Fundamentals Analyst at GlobalData, says: “Overall hiring slowed in September 2021, but job listings outnumbered the scenario of September 2020, emerging further out of COVID-19 induced pandemic that impacted labour market. The job market is coming to pop with companies in foodservice sector continuing to increase listings for the second month in a row.”

Job adverts in the foodservice sector increased, especially in the US, Australia, France, Mexico, India, and Germany. The likes of Pizza Hut Inc, Carrols Restaurant Group Inc, Compass Group, McDonald’s Corp, and Bloomin’ Brands Inc led job listings in the sector. Additionally, companies in the retail and healthcare sector contributed to heightened job postings.

However, mining sector is witnessed reduced job listings since June 2021. While absolute listings are reducing, roles for relatively less experienced incumbents are on the decline. The sector is preferring experienced incumbents with listings for those with 5 and 3 years of experience were more compared relatively newer applicants. Another trend that is noticeable is that mining sector is the growth of listings related to sustainable space.

Interestingly, listings were more prominent in the health-tech space as increasing usage of medical-grade wearables, combined with the rapidly growing importance of cloud technologies possibly led to creation of more jobs. What stood out in Sept’ 21 was a surge in listings related to workplace safety theme. As more companies return to office, companies are prioritizing safety of employees as another outbreak of COVID-19 is not ruled out. Additionally, adverts around personalized medicine continued to grow with increasing number of people requiring medical assistance.

Listings for pharmacists and food and services related roles grew positively. Alongside, job postings for retail salespersons, drivers, and other operational level roles were prominent.

Geographically, job postings in European countries of France, Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Lithuania, were more pronounced. In the APAC region, listings in Australia and Vietnam showed positive growth.

Thalluri, concludes: “Hiring activity in September 2021 has been positive albeit marginal reduction in total job listings. However, with holiday season coming up, there could be a surge in seasonal recruits as trend suggests. Particularly, the travel and tourism may witness a jump in job adverts.”

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