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GlobalData’s Social Media Analytics Dashboard

GlobalData’s Social Media Analytics Platform allows businesses to understand brand sentiments, product led conversations, buzzing trends over Reddit and Twitter by using a combination of AI and human based analysis that curate content and displays only what matters to you.

The Social Media Analytics dashboard currently covers two data sources - Twitter and Reddit.
On Twitter, we have focused on tracking conversations of over 10,000 influential accounts which include KOLs across industries, CXOs, Economists, VCs, Journalists, Analysts, media accounts, etc. The Influencers selected by GlobalData are identified through series of algorithms and in-house tools, which evaluated influencers on multiple parameters such as follower network, average engagements and their propensity to influence on a topic.
On Reddit, we are tracking conversations on around 3,000 popular reddit channels across industries. The popularity of these channels is mapped based on subscribers count and daily activities.

Data Characteristics

Historical Start Date: Since January 2019
Data Coverage: More than 250 million posts across Twitter and Reddit
10,000 Influential twitter accounts
3,000 Reddit channels
Regional Coverage: Asia-Pacific; Europe, Middle East & Africa; North America; Latin America
Country Coverage: Global
Company Coverage: 75,000 + companies
Sector Coverage: 20 Industries
Mapped to Tickers: Yes
Point in Time Data?: Yes
Availability of Historic Datasets: Yes
Collection Time: Daily
Delivery Methods: Dashboards
Delivery Formats: XLS, PPT

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