NFTs – Towards Next Generation Asset Class

In a rapidly growing digital world, it often becomes difficult to claim the ownership of assets and differentiate them. A copy of a file like a JPG, for instance, is the same as the original. Hence, there is a growing need to replicate crucial properties of physical assets like proof of ownership and uniqueness.

Against this backdrop, #NFTs are evolving to bridge this gap by taking advantage of #blockchain’s properties like provenance and scarcity.

Subsequently, #startups and #enterprises are leveraging #NFTs to their advantage. Several established companies have filed #patents in the NFT space to secure their #innovations, which endorse the technology’s potential to become the next-generation digital sensation.

GlobalData’s latest report, ‘Towards Next-Generation Asset Class, highlights the evolving #IntellectualProperty landscape in the field of NFT, where enterprises such as #Nike#Sony, and #Disney are at the forefront to capitalize on the potential of NFTs.

This report highlights how startups and corporates are leveraging NFTs to change the way we perceive the ownership of digital assets. It also spots light on how the adoption of NFTs in the future can increase with business leaders and major industries like oil & gas, electronics, agriculture, and chemicals.

Get your hands on the latest copy of the report here: #nft #nonfungibletokens

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