Novo Nordisk’s NN9924 has potential to become new market leader in GLP-1RA space within the next decade, says GlobalData

Novo Nordisk’s NN9924 is on track to become the first-to-market oral GLP-1RA within the next decade, says GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

The growth in the GLP-1RA space will be heavily driven by agents that confer glycemic benefit, weight loss, and cardiovascular (CV) benefit, and increased patient compliance.

In anticipation of GLP-1RA market trends, Novo Nordisk developed a follow-up once-weekly GLP-1RA of its own, Ozempic (semaglutide), which is a variant of Victoza that was shown to significantly reduce CV risk in T2D patients in the SUSTAIN-6 trial. In addition, Novo Nordisk is developing NN9924, an oral version of semaglutide.

Recent results from the PIONEER 1 study, a Phase IIIa clinical trial investigating Novo Nordisk’s NN9924, indicates that the agent is already proving to confer both glycemic and non-glycemic benefits, while also boasting a convenient mode of administration.

Jesus Cuaron, PhD, PPM, Managing Pharma Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “What sets NN9924 apart from its competitors is its route of administration. The oral GLP-1RA has an obvious advantage in terms of administration, as the marketed GLP-1 RAs are administered via injection, and thus are prone to heightened compliance issues.

“At the 54th EASD annual meeting in Berlin, the only issue raised pertaining to NN9924 was that the agent needs to be taken before breakfast, which may affect the timing of other medications that are taken. NN9924 is expected to achieve blockbuster status if approved, despite stiff competition from existing GLP-1RAs.”

Additionally, it was announced that the PIONEER trial, which enrolled 8,845 T2D patients, showed significant benefits (glycemic efficacy and weight loss) conferred by NN9924 and also resulted in no unexpected safety and tolerability issues, with NN9924’s safety profile closely resembling those of fellow GLP-1RAs.


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