Slow and steady wins the race: Coca-Cola wise to carry out low-key Bar Nøne launch, says GlobalData

As Coca-Cola announces a move into the alcohol alternatives sector with the regional launch of Bar Nøne,

Jonathan Davison, Consumer Analyst at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, comments on the brand’s opportunity for success and the strategic timing of its rollout:

“The unveiling of Bar Nøne by Coca-Cola is a move that demonstrates intelligent timing and planning, as it looks to capture share of the emerging alcohol alternatives and adult soft drinks sectors in the USA. Demand for the latter in particular is rising and as *1.1% of carbonates were targeted at adults in the USA in 2017, a figure up from 0.5% in 2012, it is evident that this launch comes at a favourable time.

“But while the company has acted quickly to add the brand to its ever-diversifying lineup in just 10 months, its somewhat low-key launch both in Atlanta and online ensures it does not jump the gun by over-supporting a trend still very much in its infancy. Coca-Cola has often looked abroad for growth but by staying closer to home in this instance, it is best placed to adopt a more patient approach to Bar Nøne’s rollout, matching the similarly gradual pace of the ‘mocktail’ trend’s expansion.

“The brand’s inventive flavours will capture the attention of consumers across a variety of alcoholic drinks categories such as wine and spirits, both of which remain in growth in the USA. They will also ignite further interest among the **57% of Americans who say that their product choices are always/often influenced by the impact on their health and wellbeing. With weak growth in beer consumption, securing this attention will be another big test of Coca-Cola’s diversification ambitions.

“And with the support of Coca-Cola’s Venturing & Emerging brands unit, which has developed over 40 brands in 10 years across sectors such as RTD tea, carbonated water and coconut water, success for Bar Nøne in the coming years is likely.”

‘*’ Source: GlobalData

‘**’ Source: GlobalData 2018 Q3 Consumer Survey – USA

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