Ten of the most popular beverage tweets in December 2019, revealed by GlobalData

From US tariffs on European wines to the Christmas cocktail, leading data and analytics company GlobalData lists ten of the most popular tweets on beverages in December 2019, based on data from the company’s Influencer Platform.

1. Jon Bonne’s tweet on US tariffs on European wines

Jon Bonne, a wine columnist, tweeted on the Trump administration imposing tariffs of up to 100% on European wines. Until October 2019, the Trump administration had imposed 25% tariffs on several European good including olive oil, cheese, whiskey and wine.

On 19 December 2019, @jbonne tweeted: “//THREAD// As many of you have heard, the Trump administration is considering tariffs of up to 100 percent on European wines. This possibility was floated weeks ago but in recent days, as a comment period and schedule have been finalized, it’s clear this is a serious concern …,” which collected 76 likes and 56 retweets.

2. Jancis Robinson’s tweet on the wine industry’s carbon footprint

Jancis Robinson, a British wine critic and writer, shared an article on wine packaging and how producers and consumers can help in reducing the wine industry’s carbon footprint. The writer details the implications of wine production for climate change, in her article, emphasising that vineyards absorb carbon dioxide emissions.

On 12 December 2019, @JancisRobinson tweeted: “Please, please, please read this article if you ever buy #wine http://bit.ly/2qGrMJc and reassess your attitude to glass bottles. And if you produce wine, please pore over it and consider the logo below #carbonfootprint,” which gathered 89 likes and 40 retweets.

3. Roger Protz’s tweet on Titanic Brewers

Roger Protz, a British author, tweeted on the Titanic Brewery located at Stoke, UK. The brewery is popular for selling dark beer and 50% of its production is the Plum Porter brand.

On 5 December 2019, @RogerProtzBeer tweeted: “Eye-opening visit to @Titanic_Brewers in Stoke. 50% of their output is Plum Porter. Can’t be many breweries where the main brand is a dark beer! Apart from their pubs, they run a great bar at Stoke station – called Bod – in the old first-class lounge. Worth missing your train for,” which gained 244 likes and 37 retweets.

4. Jeff Alworth’s tweet on brewery acquisition

Jeff Alworth, an author and blogger, shared an article on the purchase of Ballast Point, an American brewing company, by a small Chicago-based brewery named Kings & Convicts from Constellation Brands.

On 4 December 2019, @Beervana tweeted: “A two-year-old Chicago concern that touts “great craft beer and golf simulators,” today announced it had purchased Ballast Point. Upon hearing the news, every living being on the planet responded: “Who?” https://www.beervanablog.com/beervana/2019/12/3/tiny-chicago-brewery-purchases-brand-formerly-valued-at-1-billion…,” which attracted 133 likes and 33 retweets.

5. Camper English’s tweet on cooling methods for alcoholic beverages

Camper English, a journalist and educator of spirits, tweeted on the different chilling methods used for achieving the accurate temperature for drinks. After having conducted much research, he is of the opinion that placing a glass in a freezer and or refrigerator first, works better than other methods including whiskey stones, steel ice, and balls of steel.

On 13 December 2019, @alcademics tweeted: “Years ago I did a comparison between the various types of whisky stones/chillers and found that “putting the glass in the freezer/fridge first” was a more effective cooling method than nearly all other options, depending on what final temperature you wanted to reach. https://twitter.com/hels/status/1205464354969333761 …,” which saw 84 likes and 31 retweets.

6. Bart Watson’s tweet on the evolution of the US beer market

Bart Watson, a chief economist at the Brewers Association, shared an animation of how the beer market in the US has evolved over the last seven decades. He identifies overwhelming changes and trend patterns over the years at the category level.

On 23 December 2019, @BrewersStats tweeted: “Rather than just recapping this decade, here’s an animation of the last 7 decades in the U.S. beer market. Amazing how much change there is over time, even looking at the category level,” which earnt 87 likes and 25 retweets.

7. Jamie Goode’s tweet on the top wines of 2019

Jamie Goode, a British wine writer, shared an article on the top wines of 2019. Some of the listed wines for the year included the Jamet Côte-Rôtie 1999 Northern Rhône, Wachter-Wiesler Blaufrankisch Alte Reben Eisenberg 2014 Burgenland, Ladredo 2008 Ribera Sacra, Vincent Paris Cornas Granit 30 2015 Northern Rhône, and Ganevat Cuvée Marguerite 2014 Jura.

On 28 December 2019, @jamiegoode tweeted: “So, as promised, here’s my top wines of 2019 that I PAID FOR … https://wineanorak.com/2019/12/28/top-wines-of-2019-that-i-paid-for/ … please don’t bash me for my bad taste…,” which collected 91 likes and 14 retweets.

8. Tim Atkin’s tweet on Cinsault

Tim Atkin, a writer and master of wine, tweeted on Cinsault, a red grape wine. The wine is created from granite-dense soils found in Itata, a wine zone in Chile.

On 9 December 2019, @timatkin tweeted: “World class Cinsault. Wow! Amazing wine from granite soils. #itata,” which gained 77 likes and 13 retweets.

9. Randall Grahm’s tweet on grape varieties for perfect wine blends

Randall Grahm, a winemaker and creator of the Bonny Doon Vineyard, tweeted that Syrah or Shiraz, a grape variety, should not be added to create the Pinot Noir red wine. The tweet was in response to an article shared by Wine Folly, a wine blog, about grape varieties that make the best wines.

On 23 December 2019, @RandallGrahm tweeted: “One should not feel the need to add Syrah to Pinot Noir. If you do, you’ve already gone astray. #onepersonsopinion https://twitter.com/WineFolly/status/1208765894933041160…,” which attracted 121 likes and 14 retweets.

10. Nigella Lawson’s tweet on the Christmas cocktail

Nigella Lawson, a food writer and cooking show host, shared the recipe for a Christmas cocktail called Poinsettia. She stated that the drink is one of the most easily serviceable and refreshing drink at a party. The cocktail is a mix of cranberry juice, Cointreau, and chilled sparkling dry wine.

On 24 December 2019, @Nigella_Lawson tweeted: “The Christmas cocktail in Casa Lawson the too-easily-drinkable Poinsettia https://www.nigella.com/recipes/poinsettia …,” which acquired 247 likes and 14 retweets.

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