Ten most popular venture capitalist tweets in December 2019

From Melanie Perkins building Canva to Jason McCabe’s tweet on becoming a venture capitalist, leading data and analytics company GlobalData lists ten of the most popular tweets on venture capitalist (VC) in December 2019, based on data from the company’s Influencer Platform.

1. Alex Konrad’s tweet on how Melanie Perkins built Canva

Alex Konrad, a journalist, shared an article on how Melanie Perkins, an Australia-based start-up creator, went through all the odds and VC doubts to build Canva, a design software company. The article describes the entrepreneur’s journey in becoming the CEO of the firm at the age of just 26.

On 11 December 2019, @alexkonrad tweeted: “Australian startup founder Melanie Perkins faced long odds and VC doubts. She built Canva into a profitable $3.2 billion global design software leader anyway. I went to Sydney in June to find out how she did it for my newest cover story for @Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/alexkonrad/2019/12/11/inside-canva-profitable-3-billion-startup-phenom/#30d8b7ec4a51…”, which collected 691 likes and 217 retweets.

2. Eric Paley’s tweet on staying focussed during a VC pitch

Eric Paley, a managing partner at Founder Collective, a company providing seed-stage VC, tweeted on the need for founders to stay focused and not argue or fight during a VC pitch. According to the Eric, some of the best start-up pitches appear crazy, with VCs becoming wary to invest and he further cautions that all founders should focus on sales rather than on debating.

On 10 December 2019, @epaley tweeted: “Don’t Waste a VC Pitch Arguing Some of the best startup pitches sound crazy, & VCs are often skeptical. But I want to caution founders not to fall into “debate mode,” & to stay focused on the sale. Here’s how a pitch goes off the rails, & how to get it back on track: /1”, which gained 995 likes and 199 retweets.

3. Steven Sinofsky’s tweet on the WeWork fiasco

Steven Sinofsky, a former president of the Windows division at Microsoft, shared an article on the WeWork funding fiasco, which forced the co-founder Adam Neumann to step down. The article details how veteran financiers, including bankers, VCs and investors poured in capital and surrendered to the founder, raising approximately $12.8bn.

On 15 December 2019, @stevesi tweeted: “Bankers, venture capitalists and investors poured cash… Several times in this article the ire is directed at Silicon Valley, yet nearly all of the parties AND the company are in NYC. The SV people seemed to be the ones trying to put the brakes on”, which attracted 724 likes and 173 retweets.

4. Steve Schlafman’s tweet on ways to break into VC

Steve Schlafman, a New York-based coach and angel investor, tweeted on how to break into the VC market. The influencer listed some ways to enter the VC world, including building a unique community, blogging or tweeting about specific themes or trending ideas, starting a podcast, and training under an angel investor or scout.

On 11 December 2019, @schlaf tweeted: “If I were trying to break into VC today I’d do a combination of these: Build a unique community Blog, tweet about specific themes Start a podcast Apprentice for a scout / angel Start an event series Publish in depth presentations Develop apps to capture ‘signal’”, which saw 1,015 likes and 121 retweets.

5. Spiros Margaris’ tweet on the wefox Group becoming Europe’s number one insurtech company

Spiros Margaris, a VC and futurist, shared an article on the wefox Group increasing its Series B funding to $235m making it Europe’s number one insurtech company. The Berlin-based company closed an additional funding of $110m led by OMERS Ventures, Merian Chrysalis, Mundi Ventures, Samsung Catalyst Fund, and other investors.

On 11 December 2019, @SpirosMargaris tweeted: “CONGRATS #insurtech @foxGroup Increased #SeriesB #Funding to $235 #million #fintech #VC #finserv @julian_teicke @wefoxHQ @ONE_insurance_@OMERSVentures @MerianGlobal @SamsungCatalyst @mundi_ventures @IbrahimAjami @Mubadala @sound_ventures_ @aplusk”, which earned 196 likes and 123 retweets.

6. Jeff Morris’ tweet on the possibility of venture funds contributing towards solving greater problems

Jeff Morris, an active angel investor and product leader, tweeted on the possibility of venture funds contributing a percentage of their capital in solving greater world problems. He stated that issues such as global warming, gun violence, air pollution, natural disasters, and cancers, require deeper technology solutions that are far riskier than building software. Hence, they are underfunded.

On 17 December 2019, @jmj tweeted: “I’d love to see venture funds pledge to allocate a % of their capital to solving: 1. Global warming 2. Gun violence 3. Air pollution 4. Natural disasters 5. Cancer Most of the solutions involve deep tech that is far riskier than software. Which is why they are underfunded”, which collected 618 likes 68 retweets.

7. David Sacks’ tweet on VCs funding SaaS start-ups

David Sacks, founder of Craft Ventures, a VC fund, shared an article on VCs investing disproportionately on SaaS start-ups claiming to achieve early category leadership. VCs understand that start-ups with the most liquidity to spend on their sales and marketing are able to attract the largest subscriber base. This in turn provides SaaS founders with more resources. This cycle continues until the founder becomes a winner of categories.

On 17 December 2019, @DavidSacks tweeted: “Most of the funding and market cap in a SaaS category goes to the category leader. The best way for founders to lead a category is to define it. Here are my thoughts on how to do that. https://medium.com/craft-ventures/the-one-who-defines-the-category-wins-the-category-245fee85bfbb”, which gained 557 likes and 132 retweets.

8. Harry Stebbings’ tweet on marketing is similar to VC

Harry Stebbing, creator of the Twenty Minute VC, an independent VC podcast, tweeted on how marketing is similar to VC. The influencer explains that both a marketer and VC play the role that of a capital allocator or investor, either in companies or channels, at minimal cost for maximum ownership and attention.

On 12 December 2019, @HarryStebbings tweeted: “Thing I’ve always loved about marketing, in many ways, its just like VC. Your job is to place many investments (companies, channels) at minimal cost for maximum (ownership, attention). Then observe, test, iterate. Then double down on those that work. Same, same”, which acquired 193 likes and 26 retweets.

9. Alex Iskold’s tweet on start-up hacks and venture capital

Alex Iskold, a New York-based tech entrepreneur and investor, shared an article on start-up hacks for founders through his website called alexiskold.net. The VC influencer stated that he has shared as many as 60 posts on product, marketing, metrics, introductions, and fundraising.

On 24 December 2019, @alexiskold tweeted: “Startup hacks is a resource I created for founders. Over 60 posts on product, marketing, metrics, introductions, and fundraising. Founders tell me it has been very useful. Retweet so more founders can discover it https://alexiskold.net/ and follow me for more! @2048vc”, which saw 69 likes and 36 retweets.

10. Jason McCabe’s tweet on becoming a venture capitalist

Jason McCabe, an angel investor, tweeted on the tough road to becoming a VC. The influencer advises that once into VC, one should not quit and should continue to work on it and provide massive value. He also stated that it was impressive to find people investing at an early age.

On 15 December 2019, @Jason tweeted: “ The hardest position to get in the world is as a venture capitalist — if you stumble into this position DO NOT give it up, just work as hard as you can, covet it & provide massive value every single day. I’m so impressed by the folks who break into investing at an early age”, which attracted 192 likes and 24 retweets.

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