Top ten payment tech influencers in Q3, revealed by GlobalData

From Max Keiser to Ryan Selkis, leading data and analytics company GlobalData has identified the top influencers in payment tech in Q3 2019, based on data research from the company’s Influencer platform.

1. Max Keiser

A bitcoin consultant, Max Keiser created Heisenberg Capital, a venture capitalist firm that invests in cryptocurrency. He also co-founded the Bitcoin Capital, a venture capital fund that invests in the crypto sector. Max specialises in innovations in financial technology, banking, and brokerage.

On 7 September, @maxkeiser tweeted: “The new 99% Missed #Bitcoin at $1 Missed alts in 2017 Bought alts at the top 2018 Missed BTC again in 2019 ($3,500) Still holding alts Won’t capitulate and buy until BTC hits $25,000”, which saw 975 likes and 193 retweets.”

2. Spiros Margaris

Spiros Margaris, a fintech and insurtech influencer, founded Margaris Ventures, an advisory that helps companies develop financial solutions. He also serves as a payment tech consultant and is an eminent speaker at international conferences.

On 18 September, @SpirosMargaris tweeted: “PSD2 deadline extension signals “lack of preparedness” among #banks  #fintech #PSD2 @VerdictUK @EllenGDaniel #regulation @AntonioSelas @ttavlas @efipm @Visible_Banking @amitTwitr @davidjmaireles @jblefevre60 @NeiraOsci @oxana_zeitler @FrankJSchwab”, which collected 15 likes and 14 retweets.

3. Francis Pouliot

Francis Pouliot currently serves as the co-founder and CEO of Bull Bitcoin, a bitcoin company based in Canada that offers exchange and payment services. A blockchain consultant, Francis has been associated with a number of bitcoin companies including Satoshi Portal, a bitcoin financial services company, Bylls, a bitcoin payment processor, and 3iQ Corp, a cryptoasset fund manager.

On 16 September, @francispouliot tweeted: “What you can only see at IRL Bitcoin conferences not reflected in metrics: level of commitment of existing bitcoiners. Enemies of Bitcoin don’t stand a chance. People are willing to sacrifice everything for the most beautiful cause. ALL IN.”, which gained 273 likes and 28 retweets.

4. Adam Back

A crypto-hacker and cryptographer, Adam Back is the co-founder of Blockstream, a blockchain technology company. He is one of the first persons to have worked on the distributed ledger technology, along with Nakamoto in 2009. He has been involved in the development of the Lightning Network and other bitcoin projects and specialises in crypto protocols, bitcoin, privacy technologies, and anonymity.

On 4 September, @adam3us tweeted: “This apparently is what happens when you trade your Bitcoin for Bcash BTC Lambo v12 6 litre BCH SEAT 3cyl 1.0 litre”, which attracted 1,234 likes and 164 retweets.

5. Charlie Lee

Creator of the alternative cryptocurrency Litecoin, Charlie Lee believes that his cryptocurrency is more useful for smaller transactions compared to bitcoin’s usefulness in larger transactions. Charlie is also of the opinion that the success of Litecoin lies in the aggressive adoption of bitcoin first.

On 3 September, @SatoshiLite tweeted: “Amazingly, you can now buy Litecoin on! I wonder why they didn’t name it Litecoin Core though?”, which collected 988 likes and 205 retweets.

6. Erik Voorhees

Payment tech consultant Erik Voorhees created and founded, a platform that allows users to exchange different currencies such as bitcoin and ethereum. Prior to ShapeShift, Erik was part of Coinapult, a bitcoin company and wallet provider of digital assets for consumers and businesses.

On 23 September, @EricVoorhees tweeted: “If you bought Bitcoin this summer at $12,000 because it was going up, and you’re selling it now at $9,700 because it’s going down, you’re doing it wrong. “Hodl” isn’t just a cute meme… it’s wisdom from the elders who have been here before.”, which saw 5,024 likes and 897 retweets.

7. Ari Paul

Ari Paul, a blockchain consultant and investor, currently serves as the CIO and managing partner of BlockTower Capital, a crypto asset investment firm. Prior to BlockTower, Ari worked as the portfolio manager and risk specialist for the University of Chicago and as derivatives trader for the Susquehanna International Group (SIG). Ari was involved in analytics and risk reporting in the latter two roles.

On 9 September, @AriDavidPaul tweeted: “1/ There’s been a long running debate about how to launch a new crypto network, with the debate generally centering around “fair launch” PoW chains vs ICOs. IMO – Bitcoin’s launch is not replicable, and we be open minded about new models.”, which collected 77 likes and nine retweets.

8. Nick Szabo

A blockchain consultant, Nick Szabo specialises in areas such as digital marketing and sales. He currently serves as a business development manager at PenPath, a business intelligence company.

On 5 September, @NickSzabo4 tweeted: “Such confidence in Bitcoin is splendid, but a 94,500 BTC tx tempts fate. If recipient can make that much from reversing the tx, they can afford to run a 51% attack for more than 40 days. Big if & very visible, but security here depends more on trust & less on the protocol itself.”, which attracted 1,017 likes and 306 retweets.

9. Alex Jimenez

A payment tech consultant, Alex Jimenez currently serves as chief strategy officer at Extractable, a consulting firm catering to financial services organisations. He is regarded as a top influencer in fintech, digital marketing, blockchain, and wealth management.

On 13 September, @RAlexJimenez tweeted: “Researchers Have Issued A Serious #Bitcoin #QRCode Warning…#BTC #cryptocurrency #cybersecurity #fintech #finserv #payments #paytech #cryptoasssets”, which saw one like and four retweets.

10. Ryan Selkis

Ryan Selkis, a blockchain consultant, founded Messari, a firm that is building an open data library to maintain the transparency of digital currencies. Prior to Messari, Ryan worked with CoinDesk and the Digital Currency Group, a publisher of news and features related to bitcoin.

On 4 September, @twobitidiot tweeted: “Two USV partners weighed in on crypto today. IMO, @albertwenger’s was closer to the route of the problem. Is Ethereum bootstrapping or reffing out with its insular focus?”, which saw 74 likes and ten retweets.

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