WEBINAR: Key Ingredient Trends in FMCG – What Consumers are Saying in 2017

Primary research results from GlobalData, a recognized leader in providing business information and analytics, have revealed that the presence of natural ingredients would make 46% of consumers globally choose one brand over another when shopping. This is significantly ahead of factors such as variety of products and brand heritage. The figure is based on the insights from GlobalData’s 2017 Q1 primary research reaching more than 26,000 respondents across 36 countries.

The study also explored the impact of consumer behaviour trends such as “healthy swaps”, “go clean”, and “vitality boost.”

Marilena Loparco, Associate Analyst at GlobalData, commented: “This study highlights the opportunity that FMCG brands have to align their product formulations with shoppers’ increasing preference for natural ingredients and maintain their competitive advantage.”

Developing a deeper understanding of consumers’ shopping preferences and perceptions related to natural ingredients has become a priority for brands operating in the FMCG sector as they seek to identify opportunities for reformulation and innovation, gauge consumer demand, develop more appealing product propositions and maintain their competitive edge.

A complete guide of consumers’ ingredient preferences and the trendsetters shaping innovation in the FMCG market will be offered in the ‘Key Ingredient Trends in FMCG – What Consumers are Saying in 2017’ webinar scheduled for 9th of August at 3.00 pm (London) Duration: 1 hour.

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