Asia Pacific millennials’ concern about sun damage offer innovation opportunities for sun care market, says GlobalData

When comparing the attitude of millennials – defined as 18 – 34 year olds – with older generations’ concerns about sun damage, the research found that 81% of millennials expressed concern over sun damage, compared to less than three-quarters (74%) of over-35s, from the region.

Matthew Perry, Associate Analyst, at GlobalData explains: “While the negative health impacts of sun damage are well understood in Asia Pacific, and have been for many years now, another key driver for sun care solutions has been the growing acceptance of sun exposure as an accelerator to the aging process and cause of appearance-related damage.”

In the same research, nearly two-thirds of Asia-Pacific millennials (64%) said that they are already buying, or would consider buying products that address their concern over sun damage, compared to 56% of over-35yr olds. This indicates that younger consumers in the region are highly conscious of the negative health and aging implications of UV rays, and also more interested in buying products that protect them from the sun’s damaging effects.

Perry continued: “In addition to its health-related purpose, sun protection now serves a cosmetic function, becoming an integral part of daily beauty regimes, especially among younger consumers who are now increasingly appearance-conscious due to social media.”

Many beauty producers are looking to win over these consumers through multifunctional products, such as Blemish Balms (BB) and Color Correcting (CC) creams, that have sun care benefits inbuilt into their formulations, to allow for more convenient and more effective protection.

South Korean cosmetics company, Joyprinlife, launched a “treble-functioning” Hyper Facial B.B. Cream in August last year that brightens skin, corrects wrinkles and protects against harmful UV rays with a SPF 50.

GlobalData’s ‘ report explores the consumer motivations driving the demand for UV-protecting products in greater detail, and offers innovation take-outs for sun care and beauty brands looking to accommodate these concerns.

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