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The following section provides information on Breville Group Ltd’s senior management, executives, CEO and key decision makers and their roles in the organization. For more insight into Breville Group Ltd's management and employees, unlock the full data with our company analytics monitoring tool.


Jim Clayton

Chief Executive Officer; Director; Managing Director Executive Board Since: 2021

Mr. Jim Clayton has been the Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director and Director of the company since 2021. Previously, he held various senior roles, including Executive Vice President, and New Business Division at LG Electronics Inc. Earlier, he worked for Symphony Technology Group and McKinsey & Company.

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Timothy Antonie

Chairman Non Executive Board Since: 2013

Mr. Timothy Antonie has been the Chairman of the company since 2013. Currently, he serves as principal of Stratford Advisory Group, Chairman at Netwealth Group Ltd, and a Director at Premier Investments Ltd. Previously, he served as the Managing Director from 2004 to 2008 and Senior Advisor in 2009 at UBS Investment Banking. Earlier, he served as a Director at Village Roadshow Ltd.

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Martin Nicholas

Chief Financial Officer Senior Management Since: 2018

Cliff Torng

Global Go-to-market Officer Senior Management

Craig Robinson

Secretary Senior Management
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