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Patent Trends

Publication Identifier Document Type Title Classification-CPC Publication Date
EP3853257A4 Search Report BISPEZIFISCHE ANTI-CLAUDIN-18.2- UND ANTI-4-1BB-ANTIKÖRPER UND DEREN VERWENDUNGEN A61P35/00; C07K16/28; C07K2317/41; C07K2317/75; C07K2317/92; C07K2317/31; A61K2039/505; C07K16/2878; C07K2317/52; C07K2317/71; C07K2317/622; C07K2317/64; C07K2317/56; C07K2317/565; C07K2317/73; C07K2317/55 June 29, 2022
ZA202101523B Grant HUMAN PD-L1 ANTIBODIES A61K2039/505; A61P31/00; A61P35/00; C07K16/2827; C07K2317/21; C07K2317/31; C07K2317/33; C07K2317/40; C07K2317/55; C07K2317/565; C07K2317/76; C07K2317/92; C12P21/02; G01N33/68 June 29, 2022
HRP20180629T1 Grant ANTI-CD73 ANTIBODIES AND USES THEREOF A61K9/0034; A61K9/0043; A61K9/0019; C07K2317/55; C07K2317/77; G01N2333/916; C07K2317/33; C07K2317/92; A61K9/0031; C07K2317/56; A61K35/17; A61K2039/505; C07K16/2818; C07K2317/52; A61K39/3955; G01N2333/70596; A61K9/06; C07K16/2896; C07K2317/34; A61K9/006; C07K2317/24; C07K2317/565; C07K2317/73; C07K2317/76; A61K39/39558; C07K16/40; A61P35/02; C07K2317/31; A61K45/06; A61P35/00; G01N33/57407; C12N5/0636; G01N33/56966; G01N33/6872; G01N33/573; G01N33/574; A61K2039/507; G01N33/57484 June 24, 2022
LT3383916T Grant ANTI-CD73 ANTIBODIES AND USES THEREOF A61K2039/505; A61K2039/507; A61K35/17; A61K39/3955; A61K39/39558; A61K45/06; A61K9/0019; A61K9/0031; A61K9/0034; A61K9/0043; A61K9/006; A61K9/06; A61P35/00; A61P35/02; C07K16/2818; C07K16/2896; C07K16/40; C07K2317/24; C07K2317/31; C07K2317/33; C07K2317/34; C07K2317/52; C07K2317/55; C07K2317/56; C07K2317/565; C07K2317/73; C07K2317/76; C07K2317/77; C07K2317/92; C12N5/0636; G01N2333/70596; G01N2333/916; G01N33/56966; G01N33/573; G01N33/574; G01N33/57407; G01N33/57484; G01N33/6872 June 10, 2022
IL275734A Application Anti-pd-l1 antibodies and uses thereof A61K2039/505; A61P35/00; C07K16/28; C07K16/2827; C07K2317/24; C07K2317/33; C07K2317/34; C07K2317/56; C07K2317/565; C07K2317/567; C07K2317/73; C07K2317/76; C07K2317/92; G01N2333/70532; G01N33/574 June 01, 2022
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