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MidAmerican Energy Co: Executives

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The following section provides information on MidAmerican Energy Co’s senior management, executives, CEO and key decision makers and their roles in the organization. For more insight into MidAmerican Energy Co's management and employees, unlock the full data with our company analytics monitoring tool.


Kelcey A. Brown

Chief Executive Officer; President Executive Board Since: 2021

Ms. Kelcey A. Brown serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of the company since January 2021. Prior to this, she has worked for PacifiCorp; Senior Economist at the Oregon Public Utility Commission and an Economist at Blackfoot Telecommunications.

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Thomas B. Specketer

Vice President; Chief Financial Officer Senior Management

Mr. Thomas B. Specketer is the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of MidAmerican Energy. He has been Vice President and Controller of MidAmerican Funding LLC since May 2005 and served as the Chief Financial Officer and Principal Accounting Officer.

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Ryan M. Sawyer

Vice President - Human Resources Senior Management

Tina L. Hoffman

Vice President - Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Senior Management

Mark D. Lowe

General Counsel; Vice President Senior Management Since: 2020
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