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Patent Trends

Publication Identifier Document Type Title Classification-CPC Publication Date
EP4058867A1 Application KAPAZITIVES TAKTVERTEILUNGSSYSTEM G06F1/04; G06F1/10; H01P7/082; H03K5/15013; H04L7/0008 September 21, 2022
WO2022191937A1 Application MICROELECTRONICS H-FRAME DEVICE B81B2207/07; B81B2207/091; B81B7/0006; B81B7/0019; B81C3/001; B81C3/005; H01L2223/54426; H01L2223/54486; H01L2223/6622; H01L2223/6627; H01L2223/6644; H01L2223/6683; H01L2224/0345; H01L2224/0346; H01L2224/0401; H01L2224/04026; H01L2224/05552; H01L2224/0557; H01L2224/05644; H01L2224/0603; H01L2224/06051; H01L2224/06102; H01L2224/06181; H01L2224/1146; H01L2224/1147; H01L2224/13109; H01L2224/13144; H01L2224/1403; H01L2224/1411; H01L2224/14131; H01L2224/14141; H01L2224/14177; H01L2224/14181; H01L2224/1601; H01L2224/16145; H01L2224/16227; H01L2224/17107; H01L2224/29011; H01L2224/29078; H01L2224/29144; H01L2224/2919; H01L2224/2929; H01L2224/293; H01L2224/3011; H01L2224/30181; H01L2224/32145; H01L2224/32225; H01L2224/33107; H01L2224/73103; H01L2224/73253; H01L2224/81141; H01L2224/81193; H01L2224/81203; H01L2224/81444; H01L2224/83203; H01L2224/83444; H01L2224/9211; H01L2224/92225; H01L2224/92242; H01L2225/06513; H01L2225/06544; H01L23/04; H01L23/06; H01L23/10; H01L23/147; H01L23/481; H01L23/522; H01L23/535; H01L23/544; H01L23/552; H01L23/66; H01L24/03; H01L24/05; H01L24/06; H01L24/11; H01L24/13; H01L24/14; H01L24/16; H01L24/17; H01L24/29; H01L24/30; H01L24/32; H01L24/33; H01L24/73; H01L24/81; H01L24/83; H01L24/92; H01L25/0657; H01L2924/10272; H01L2924/1421; H01L2924/163; H01P1/047 September 15, 2022
WO2022191953A1 Application RADIO FREQUENCY CROSSOVER WITH HIGH ISOLATION IN MICROELECTRONICS H-FRAME DEVICE H01L23/04; H01L23/5221; H01L23/5226; H01L23/528; H01L23/66; H01P1/047; H01P3/08; H01P3/088; H01P5/028; H05K1/0237 September 15, 2022
AU2021201266B2 Grant Method of forming a superconductor interconnect structure H01L21/02063; H01L21/02074; H01L21/0273; H01L21/31116; H01L21/3212; H01L21/76802; H01L21/76807; H01L21/76814; H01L21/7684; H01L21/76849; H01L21/7685; H01L21/76877; H01L21/76883; H01L21/76891; H01L2223/6627; H01L23/5226; H01L23/528; H01L23/53285; H01L23/66; H01L39/12; H01L39/125; H01L39/2406; H01L39/2467; H01P11/003; H01P3/081 September 15, 2022
AU2021272086A1 Application Self-insulating high bandwidth connector H01R13/03; H01R13/035; H01R13/5216; H01R13/523; H01R13/717; H04B10/114; H04B10/40; H04B10/803; H04B13/02 September 15, 2022
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