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The following section provides information on OZ Minerals Ltd’s senior management, executives, CEO and key decision makers and their roles in the organization. For more insight into OZ Minerals Ltd's management and employees, unlock the full data with our company analytics monitoring tool.


Rebecca McGrath

Chairman Executive Board Since: 2017

Ms. Rebecca McGrath has been the Chairman of the company since 2017. Prior to this, she served as the Chief Financial Officer and a Director of BP Plc for Australia and New Zealand. She served as a Director of CSR Limited, Incitec Pivot Ltd and Big Sky Credit Union. Ms. Rebecca McGrath served as the Chairman of Kilfinan Australia. Ms. McGrath serves as the President of the Australian Institute of Company Directors’ Victorian Division.

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Andrew Cole

Managing Director; Chief Executive Officer Executive Board Since: 2014

Mr. Andrew Cole has been the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the company since 2014. Prior to this, he served in Rio Tinto Exploration as the General Manager Operations of the Clermont Region Operations, Chief Executive Officer of Chinalco Rio Tinto Exploration and Chief Operating Officer of Rio Tinto Iron and Titanium.

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Warrick Ranson

Chief Financial Officer Senior Management Since: 2017

Mr. Warrick Ranson has been the Chief Financial Officer of the company since 2017. Prior to this, he served at Rio Tinto in several senior executive financial, commercial and transformation roles. He served as a Finance Executive at Rio Tinto’s Copper product group in London, and the Chief Commercial Officer of the Iron Ore product group. Earlier, he worked as the Head of Productivity Development at Rio Tinto globally.

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Kerrina Chadwick

Corporate Affairs Executive Senior Management Since: 2016

Ms. Kerrina Chadwick has been the Corporate Affairs Executive of the company since 2016. Prior to this, he served more than 25 years in Corporate Public Affairs in prominent ASX listed companies including gold miner, Newcrest, and at retailer, Coles Group Limited.

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Julie Athanasoff

Secretary Executive Board
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