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UCB SA Regulatory Milestones

Track drug and patent expiries along with geographies impacted.

A sample of UCB SA Regulatory Milestones data

Drug Name Generic Name Brand Name Company Name Expiry Geography Constraining Patent Number Constraining Patent Expiry Drug Expiry (Estimated) Highest Development Stage
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Deserunt mollit sunt Lorem Lorem Lorem Pfizer Inc Lorem WXYZ Lorem Pending Lorem
UCB-6114 - - UCB SA United States US10947304 Dec-2037 - -
bepranemab bepranemab - UCB SA Japan JP6630426 Jul-2036 - Phase I
bepranemab bepranemab - UCB SA United States US10287343 Jul-2036 - Phase II

A sample of UCB SA Review Designation data

Drug Name Generic Name Company Name Indication Geography Designation Type Designation Status Designation Date
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Deserunt mollit sunt Lorem laborum do id aliqua dolore Lorem Pfizer Inc Lorem Lorem Lorem Lorem 14 Nov 2022
(doxecitine + doxribtimine) (doxecitine + doxribtimine) Zogenix Inc Inherited Mitochondrial Disorders United States Rare Pediatric Disease Designation Designated 01 Oct 2018
midazolam hydrochloride midazolam hydrochloride UCB SA Epilepsy United States Orphan Drug Designation Designated 08 May 2006
zilucoplan zilucoplan Ra Pharmaceuticals Inc Myasthenia Gravis United States Standard Review Designated 14 Nov 2022
Regulatory Milestones


Regulatory Milestones provides an interactive, comprehensive, and analytical view of Drug and Constraining Patent Expiry and Exclusivity for Marketed and Pipeline (till preclinical development stage) pharmaceutical drugs in the United States (US), Europe (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain) and Japan.


Regulatory Milestones provides patent information for all novel Marketed and Pipeline pharmaceutical drugs available in the US, Europe (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain) and Japan.

The Drug Expiry filters include Expiry Geography and Expiry Date as well as US-specific information.

The Drug Expiry date is based on the Constraining Patent Expiry, Patent Term Extension or Supplementary Protection Certificate (depending on the regulator), Exclusivity analysis and specific information on Review Designations granted by regulators.

US-specific information includes Exclusivity Type and Paragraph IV Certification filing under the Hatch Waxman Act (Paragraph IV).


Regulatory Milestones is easily accessible and features a user-friendly platform. The tool includes attributes relating to Drug Expiry and Constraining Patents as well as attributes from Drugs and Companies .

Clients can utilize Regulatory Milestones to save time and effort through accumulated expiry information from various sources and registries in a standardized comparable format.

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