COVID-19 will increase the use of robots

Following the news that robotics company Brain Corp has raised $36m in funding;

Wafaa Hassan, Thematic Analyst atGlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers her view:

“Robots have been replacing humans in certain jobs for some time, but the COVID-19 crisis is accelerating the process. Brain Corp will use its new funding to expand the use of its robots from floor-scrubbing to supply-chain-related functions. These areas have been particularly affected by COVID-19, with facilities forced to shut down due to the pandemic and concerns around worker safety in warehouses.

“Robots will show their worth by performing tasks that human workers are unwilling or unable to do. Retail giants such as Walmart and Kroger have been using Brain’s cleaning robots for years, with Walmart announcing plans to add an additional 1,500 robotic floor cleaners to its existing fleet earlier this month. Keeping stores and warehouses clean has become a priority during the pandemic.

“The COVID-19 crisis will ultimately increase the use of robotics across all industries. Primarily, they will be used for support functions such as cleaning and packing. However, as consumers get more familiar with them and the robots themselves become smarter, they will increasingly be used to support customer-facing tasks.”

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