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Seller Enablement -as-a-Service

Sales is hard. Anyone who says otherwise has probably never done it. About 60-75% of sellers don’t hit quota. Sales cycles fail for a lot of reasons. Sales enablement is always one of the root causes. While it is hard, selling isn’t complicated. Sellers who proactively engage with customers and habitually seek to expand their sphere of influence are more successful.

There are four variants of the service. Each tier is designed to address the specific needs of our customers and their sales teams depending upon their current level of process maturity, appetite for change, available funding, and the degree of seller empowerment sought.

All service tiers address the three core capabilities of seller enablement:

  • Real-time Situational Awareness

Our CRM / SFA plug-in provides sellers with contextual insight into what is happening within their assigned accounts allows them to understand what’s going on and what issues are likely to be top-of-mind. Having a ready supply of factoids or sound bites to drop into conversations helps to pique people’s interest and demonstrate that they’re invested in – and committed to – their customer.

  • Continuous Customer Engagement

Sellers are often reluctant to engage with prospects and customers because they don’t have anything meaningful to say. By providing a stream of relevant ghost-written outreach content, we ensure your sellers always have something valuable to share to help start interesting and productive conversations.

  • Just-in-time Seller Upskilling & Knowledge Transfer

Equipping sellers with the sector-specific vocabulary and industry insight needed to talk confidently with prospects and customers helps establish their credibility. Better and more frequent dialogues enable them to build rapport and be seen as someone who understands the target’s business and adds value to the relationship.

Where our Seller Enablement -as-a-Service offering sits:

Additional Sales Intelligence Offerings

Competitive Intelligence and Insight

Battlecards, playbooks and SWOT analyses help your sellers to identify competitive weaknesses and position your offerings most advantageously. Differentiation strategies and sales process design workshops ensures sellers know how and when to deploy these offensive plays and defensive countermeasures.

Market Opportunity Assessments

Contextual market sizing, scenario-based forecasts, and interactive market models help you to define territories, assign quotas and, allocate valuable sales resources effectively. In addition to such tactical modelling assignments, we also help providers to develop new market entry strategies to minimise risk and maximise the likelihood of success.

Thought Leadership Content Creation

Fact-based analysis and qualitative insights that engage target audiences, demonstrates market awareness, help establish your thought leadership credentials, and incite customers and prospects to act. White label or co-branded content for use within marketing campaigns, prospect nurturing, capability demonstrations, as well as scope expansion and objection handling plays.

Message Testing and Sales effectiveness

Validating your messaging and sales artefacts to assure relevance and resonance with buyer, influencer, and investor audiences. We help you to move beyond the minutia of the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ to ensure that the crux of your ‘why’ is communicated effectively. Creating compelling narratives that engage, excite, and incite is the objective.

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