Role of Tech Players in Driving Enterprise ESG Adoption

Companies are under increasing pressure from investors, employees, consumers, and other stakeholders to promote transparency in ESG reporting. In the future, the role of digitization in ESG compliance will become more crucial, and tech companies will play a critical role. 

GlobalData’s latest report, ‘ESG Insights & Trends – The Role of Tech Players in Driving Enterprise ESG Adoption‘, reveals that tech vendors such as Accenture, Capgemini, Atos, KPMG, ServiceNow, SAP, IBM, Infosys, and Salesforce are some of the leading players to provide ESG consulting services to help clients achieve their ESG goals. 

Accenture acquired Callisto to help clients produce higher-quality products and increase the safety and sustainability of their plant operations.  

Capgemini acquired Purpose, a New York-based social impact agency, to support clients transform their business models and practices for impact and engage their stakeholders in making meaningful contributions to society. 

Atos partnered with Google Cloud to reduce carbon emissions from IT operations and developed a ‘Carbon Footprint’ dashboard for Google Cloud customers. 

ServiceNow has named KPMG as its first global reseller partner to provide visibility and transparency across ESG programs and initiatives to help companies strategize, manage, govern, and report efforts taken on a single platform. 

Infosys and BP have partnered to co-develop an energy-as-a-service solution to help companies reach their decarbonization goals. It uses AI to optimize the energy supply and demand of various energy assets. 

Download this report for free here: ESG Insights & Trends – The Role of Tech Players in Driving Enterprise ESG Adoption


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