RapidScale Sales Enablement

Close the last mile.


Strategic Sales Learning

Master business acumen through experiential meetings with executive personas


Just-in-Time Intelligence

Dramatically improve salesforce performance in the last mile


In-the-moment competitive

Allows any seller to block competitive threats and handle objections in front of the customer


Content curation and analysis

We research, analyze and deliver the critical intelligence sellers need to execute and win in the last mile


Mobile Phone First

The only point of contact in the last mile is your seller’s mobile phone. Use it to win the sale

How RapidScale Works

Close the Last Mile Gap
RapidScale impacts the last mile by harnessing the power of the seller’s mobile phone to prep, learn and win the sales.

  • When the seller leaves the office:
    • Seller begins to plan and organize their approach
    • Decides which tactics to use and solutions to sell
  • When the seller arrives at the account:
    • Seller starts searching for sales materials and typically finds a mountain of data, providing too much content
    • RapidScale provides the fastest way to garner relevant intelligence just-in-time, giving the seller talking points, not PowerPoints
  • While the seller is with the customer:
    • RapidScale helps sellers respond faster to customers’ questions and objections, and neutralize competitive threats in the moment
    • Provides sellers the confidence to communicate company value to the customer and ask for the order

Thematic Content Engine
Aligns the sales data to be relevant to market conditions

  • Content the seller can count on to influence the buyer
  • Empowered by GlobalData’s years of data-analysis experience
  • Up to date with what the seller needs to align industry trends
  • Relevant and thought-provoking talking points
  • Expertly researched and maintained by 600 global analysts

Who We Help

GlobalData gives executives the power to maximize their sales force in the last mile.

We enable sales leaders to rapidly scale sales team performance in the field.

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Supporting Senior Corporate Executives in their roles:
Close The Last Mile Gap

RapidScale turns the critical information and intelligence from corporate PowerPoints into talking points that close the last mile in sales. Sales leaders can be assured that just-in-time content delivered on the mobile phone drives behavior change in their sellers to connect the company’s solutions to solve the customer’s problem, ultimately making it easier to ask for the sale.

iconChief Sales Officers

  • Dramatically improve sales performance
  • Accurately communicate company vision worldwide
  • Differentiate company from the competition

iconRegional Sales Leaders

  • Make every salesperson an expert seller
  • Neutralize competitive threats
  • Culturally align sellers to customers

iconSales Managers

  • Make solution selling easy to understand and execute
  • Adapt sellers to customer personas
  • Change sales prep behavior in the last mile